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It is within ourselves and our own desire we truly live our one given life. That is unless you remember having your past life.

I am a woman who offers a well deserving experience and only provide more than the usual. I commit to you the sincerity of my smiles, laughter and enjoyment in all we do. You are a man well deserving of a beautiful, pro active, enthusiastic and memorable woman. Appreciation is acknowledge through my positive charisma. I recognize your deservings through honesty and my lace dress you love me to wear. You desire a young woman who is fit, fun, attractive, sane and intelligent. You are entiltled to date a woman who can distinguish the difference from being out on the beach to attending a play. You deserve a woman who sees how lucky she is to have you in her life whether for short-term or long-term and I am your woman.


I enjoy the simple givings and the finer takings that life has to offer. A young lady with much to explore with little experience but much appreciation. Enjoying my physical assetes I come to love the outdoors such as hiking, bike trails, zip lining and scuba diving. I can not deny my appetite of fine dining, vacationing nor your unique exposure of life.