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You know when you meet someone for the first time, & minutes later you’re laughing like old friends? It’s that mysterious feeling like you must have met before, but perhaps in another lifetime, another universe, maybe even a dream. This convergence of brand new & comfortably familiar, of electric excitement & serene safety, is the sweet spot where the most sweetest memories are made.

I’ve always had a knack for making people feel instantly at ease. Perhaps it’s the genuine joy & intrigue I find in meeting new people, or maybe my down-to-earth friendliness that allows me to connect with people from all walks of life. Or - who knows - it could even be in part the effect of my “nonjudgemental aura” (as a psychic put it). Whatever the cause, I can promise that when you’re with me, all your nerves will swiftly melt away as we fall into an easy rapport.

Equal parts other-worldly beauty & natural elegance; intellectual debate & light-hearted banter; fiery passion & contagious relaxation, I am the most wonderful combination of all your daydreams, exactly what you’ve been searching for. Get lost in my deep brown eyes as we whisper sweet nothings, & feel your heart flutter when you evoke from me a smile so enchanting you’ll never want to look away. Your only regret will be that you didn’t meet me sooner.

The Look

Scarlett Hayes is a 5'4", curvy, all natural, 24 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


One of the most defining parts of my personality is my wide variety of interests. I love to learn about any & all subjects - public health, education, politics, fashion, art, food (to name a few). Lately I’ve been really into psychology & human behavior - it’s probably not a surprise that I love learning what makes people tick.


Screening is required for all new friends.

I am available in Boston regularly. I occasionally have same-day availability (though this is not guaranteed, nor will it last much longer, so it is highly recommended to book in advance).

My website is currently under construction, so if you’d like to meet me, please send me an email for more information:

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