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Meet the Strawberry Blonde Venus…

It is my MISSION to make you know you are APPRECIATED and AMAZING. Make time for yourself—I am quite sure you give most of your time, and energy, to others. Let me restore your vibrancy with my joyful, unique personality.

Do you dream of looking into the eyes of a beautiful woman who is hanging on your every word? People are fascinating to me, I am a natural listener and love to get to know you…My eyes are like the warmest amber—especially when they are locked with yours. How I wish I could get the chance! But how I look is nothing compared with how I want you feel. Accepted, enthralled, and overjoyed!

I want to be the one you come to when you are looking for upliftment, joy, and a real connection. I am looking to meet the best of the best, upscale and successful gentlemen. When you make my introduction, it’s very difficult to forget me. I am a true model who stands at 5’11, has a slender yet curvy form, with classical, Venus-on-the-half-shell stunning facial features. But don’t let the classic beauty fool you. I am highly imaginative! An unusually good listener, it’s one of my favorite things. It will be my honor to meet you—so let’s make that happen today! I’m confident you’ll be thrilled with my focused, undivided attention.

The Look

Edie Jeanne Woodman is a 5'11", slender, all natural, 30 year old caucasian woman with long red hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Have you ever seen a commercial for an exotic vacation from a travel agency on TV? Of course you have! That paradise of love & joy they advertise exists wherever I am. Seriously. Walk into the room, tell me what you think!?!…

I will be happy to give you the happiness of a whole 14 day exotic vacation in just one overnight. You will leave beaming, with a bounce in your step and a twinkle in your eye. Plus, you will have a bevy of mental images you can remember when things are slow at work or you’re bored at home! Have you ever seen the perfect waist to hip ratio? Well…

A few things I enjoy? Well, I’m a certainty not a tomboy! I love gifts of beautiful lingerie from Agent Provaceteur or La Perla. Colored gemstones set in yellow or rose gold—can’t go wrong. Rosé sparkling wine, from the best (you know which I mean!) to Mumm Napa :). I love an extravagant bouquet of flowers. I’m a mermaid, so a trip to a beachy destination will stand you forever in my good graces—or, a hotel with an amazing bathroom is almost as thrilling! I am truly a bathroom weirdo (ok don’t get any funny ideas!). I just LOVE LOVE LOVE exotic bathrooms with jetted tubs and whole-room showers. I love to relax :) Kimpton boutique hotels are my absolute fave—book one for us and watch me clap in anticipation!


I am available 24/7, although screening is mandatory before an appointment at any hour.

My screening Procedures are very standard, get in touch with me so we can get that out-of-the-way quickly and meet as soon as possible. It’s so quick, it’s painless, I promise! Screening is a MUST and if you are not comfortable being screened, I cannot meet you.

Please approach me like a gentleman. Emails are my preferred method of communication, but if you must text it’s ok. Phone calls will typically not be answered so please do remember to text.

Keep in mind, patronage is *always* for my TIME ONLY. I am not offering nor selling ANYTHING but my time service. Any mention of anything other than my time will immediately cut our conversation short.

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