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You’ll NEVER forget Me.

A very warm welcome to you!

Botticelli himself could not have imagined a more stunning, ethereal and charming flaxen haired delight than myself. Standing at 5’11, I am a professional model as well as classically trained dancer. I have long strawberry blonde ringlets, velvety porcelain skin, green eyes that glitter like crystals and a long, firm, yet curvaceous form. I move with the agility and gracefulness of a cat. My vivacious personality will engage you while my presence captivates you.

I am very compassionate and down-to-earth. You will see I wish for a real and meaningful connection with those I meet. I will make a wonderful friend for the mature, prosperous gentleman who is seeking intelligence as well as beauty. My objective is to make our meeting a once in a lifetime experience; unforgettable and beyond compare. Beyond that my aim is for each subsequent meeting to be more imaginative and extraordinary than the last.

I anxiously await you. Reach out to me today…

The Look

Edie Jeanne Woodman is a 5'11", slender, all natural, 30 year old caucasian woman with long red hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I won’t bore you with the typical things you might read here; although I do certainly have those interests—ha ha Ha! I love to cook, and I’m quite good, I love to read, Science fiction and autobiographies are my favorite, and I love to travel, international is the most fun although of course the good old USA will always do!

If you read my bio, you will see I am a trained a dancer so in accordance with this interest I love to attend a dance performances of all kinds. I also enjoy live theater and live musical performances. I love to dance, in all styles, so you can take me to a salsa club, a ballroom dancing class, a hip-hop joint, Or a swing dance in the basement of the Elks club— I will love them all!

Finding out more about you is certainly very entertaining for me. So taking me somewhere where we can talk and sip on some champagne is ideal. I love to listen, and I’ve been told I’m good at it. So come at me with your stories, your jokes, your problems, your dilemmas, I’ll take it all! Whether you want advice or just a shoulder to cry on, I will be there for you.

Oh of course, I always enjoy gifts. What woman doesn’t!? Agent provocateur Fatale Intense perfume is my favorite, In the red bottle. I love extravagant bouquets of cut flowers, they could include roses, lilies, peonies, Gerber daisies, anything. Jewelry is a way to never go wrong – – real gold is my favorite and any kind of semi-precious stone with a beautiful color will put you in my forever good graces. I love earrings, necklaces and rings, my ring size is six.

Believe me, any kind of gesture from you to me will be very sincerely appreciated. It’s the thought that counts so honestly you could never go wrong. Thank you for taking the time to read this section and getting to know me a bit more. I can’t wait to have a similar honor.


I am available 24/7, although screening is mandatory before an appointment at any hour.

My screening Procedures are very standard, get in touch with me so we can get that out-of-the-way quickly and meet as soon as possible. It’s so quick, it’s painless, I promise! Screening is a MUST and if you are not comfortable being screened, I cannot meet you.

Please approach me like a gentleman. Emails are my preferred method of communication, but if you must text it’s ok. Phone calls will NOT be answered so please do remember to text.

Keep in mind, patronage is *always* for my TIME ONLY. I am not offering nor selling ANYTHING but my time. Any mention of anything other will immediately cut our conversation short.

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