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My goodness, I’m so glad you’re finally here.
There are times where words can be highly overrated – I much prefer the thrill of action or the intensity of silence over forced small-talk. Some of the most incredible moments shared between to souls require no words at all. That being said… it seems only right to let you know a little bit about me.

I am more than just a sensual being, though I am absolutely that to my core. I am quick-witted, vastly intelligent, and soft to the physical touch. I adore laughing and making others laugh. I unapologetically thrive on being the most captivating woman in the room, capturing the attention and curiosity of every person in the party – all while living for the quiet moments when I can dazzle and entice an audience of only one. I reserve the right to be both a vixen and a lamb, and which one arrives for our time together depends entirely on you.

Our time together will be exactly that: Ours. We can seek out new adventures, muse over galleries, fly to exotic lands, or simply stare into each other’s eyes while letting our fingers twist and tumble together over a crisp bottle of cool champagne next to a roaring hot fire – never saying a single word.

I’m so glad you’re here – and I can’t wait to see where we will go, and how little we’ll speak when we get there.

The Look

Mona Bell is a 5'10", curvy, all natural, 25 year old black / latina woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


A few of my favorite things:

Carousel rides


Sparkling water


Fresh Oysters

Pottery class


For my safety and yours, no one is exempt from screening. I promise to be discreet during this process and will happily sign an NDA, if necessary.

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