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WASHINGTON DC — (Main City/ $1000 per introduction and $1000 social encounter minimum until Fall 2020)

MIAMI — February 20-21 (Encounters start at $750)

MANHATTAN — February 27-March 1 (Encounters start at $750)

ATLANTA— March 12-15 (Encounters start at $750)


Take a delicate and delicious break from reality.

Slowly indulge in the spicy nuances another person from mind, heart and soul. As much fun as shorter term introductions are, you will not regret appreciating the company of a good companion like enjoying a piece of art.

Complexity, warmth, being conventionally attractive and having a variety of interests are traits in a friend most of us want. How about having a dry sense of humor, being naturally adoring, kind, youthful or a bit off-kilter?

My main concern is being a good hostess and companion uniquely fit for you, while I am being my authentic self.

Temporarily based in the heart of Manhattan, I am placed where the city has the best to offer — fine dining, museums, music and the performing arts.
Once you’ve visited my other profile and have read my blog, perhaps we could chat and see where things lead to, or we can delve right into pre-concert dining and start an adventure that way.

In addition to having a meaningful connection outside of work, my personality and demeanor is suited for creating an enthralling experience fit for a wonderlusting, restless (and maybe an INFJ compatible) gentleman.

Otherwise, I am open to meeting respectful people from all walks of life as long as you are looking to accompany a slender, ballerina-spin, smizing and stunning chocolate companion.

The Look

AnyaRenoir2 is a 5'4", slender, 23 year old ebony woman with long black hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male only.




- chamber concerts

- luxury lingerie modeling

- dressing up with my fine and soft Wolfords collection, garters and luxury high heels

- traveling every once and a while

- finding out what we have in common

- trying new foods

- watching performing arts

- singing, classical music instrumental collabs

- learning & teaching one another

- cuddles!


If I am answering your inquiry, I will ask for whatever screening information required to schedule. If the following information submitted cannot be used to verify you:

- valid, registered email address

- valid, registered phone number

- board handle

- recent reference (one year)

I will ask for the following:

- Full name

- picture of photo ID (address line blurred)

- active LinkedIn profile

- active and established social media profile

- employment verification

Amy deposits requested must be sent through the secure and unique payment link I provide for you. All receipts and statements are discreet.

My rates are nonnegotiable.

Please ask for any weekly or monthly retainer fees.

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