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+~ Refined Sensuality ~ A muse of many pleasures ~

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Refined Sensualista … Intelligent Fatale … Muse of Many Pleasures

The Look

Eva Lane is a 5'4" 29 year old caucasian woman with medium length auburn hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

Do You Dare?

I am Eva Lane.

Do you yearn to receive in complete surrender? Let me take you on a journey through sensation to the place of endless rapture.

I am daring and refined. A pleasure of sight sound and touch. Come, let me caress you to the core.

I offer you an escape from the limitations of life. My hypnotic hazel eyes will captivate you, my creative mind will engage you and my soft, luminous skin will sooth you.

Enjoy a skilled, relaxing massage and an electrifying dance of sensation. If you are interested in exploring the depths of you body and being this is for you. I am highly skilled in a variety of techniques and styles to touch you from head to toe, body mind and soul. Your tensions will melt under many years of professional massage experience.

Do you desire to dip a toe into the dark side? Or would you prefer a softer side to your submission?



Looking for something different? Nude bodywork with gentle wrist restraints will increase the tease and fan your desire. Enjoy skilled and sensual bodywork. Let all your stress just melt away.


A perfect way to try a touch of kink or bring more sensuality into your domination. You will be restrained and blindfolded. I will play with a variety of textures, pressures, rhythms and more to find out what you never knew you liked, what you love to hate and what you hate to love.


Enjoy the Edge! The ultimate in slow sensuality and a very long tease. Gentle silk restraints provide you paradoxical freedom. Freedom to feel every nuance as I gently caress you from head to toe. Experiece a variety of soft textures and massage to tantalize and relax you. Using a blend of massage, gentle restraints and sensory focusing tools Elysium will surf the crest of your pleasure. I sustain the intensity on a long slow climb, bringing you to dizzying heights and unforeseen vistas.


B2B bliss. Skin to skin. Covered in warm oil. I will slowly and sensually massage your entire body with mine. You are gently bound to the mat, increasing the intensity of your yearning. The sensory experience of this style is captivating, engrossing, and enthralling.

In Love,



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