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What makes you succumb?

What makes you succumb?

  • succumb: “to yield to superior strength, or overpowering appeal or passion.”

I’m a Companion,

a Sensualist,

a Creature of the Wild.

Experiences with me, even a relaxed afternoon together, flow beautifully. I offer true Bespoke Companionship: moment after moment that glows, memories in saturated color.

At six feet tall, I take your breath away when I walk into the room with athletic grace. A breath of fresh air, something new, something exciting… my mermaid hair and subtle gold piercings bring color to the space, color to your life.

As a trained dancer and bodyworker, I have a nuanced understanding of the human body and somatic experience. My touch is confident and intuitive, which makes it all the more exquisite when you spend time with me. Intense and passionate, I’m not afraid to laugh and take delight in our time together.

I’m now fully vaccinated, and heading out on tour to celebrate! I want to be shown what fun and delicious experiences your city has to offer:

  • Los Angeles: April 3rd-6th
  • Washington DC: April 9th-16th
  • New Orleans: April 18th-25th
  • San Francisco Bay Area: May 3rd-9th

I know what I love
and I want to learn what makes you succumb.

The Look

Stasia Levone is a 6', athletic, 25 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.

  • I am a completely and utterly undone by a sumptuous soak in a luxurious bath. But at six feet tall, I need a very deep tub.
  • Trips to hot springs and diving into wild waters are also some of my favorite things in the world. I love the exhilaration of a cold plunge, flying through ocean waters.
  • I’m an artist, and my curiosity and passion drives me to experiment, explore, and constantly create. As a professional working in Immersive Theatre and Experimental Design for over 4 years, I love soaking up culture in new cities and exploring their art scenes.
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