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+Moving In 4 Days! Private Place In Loveland! Avail 12p-12a

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Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a lady who wishes for the world.
~Marilyn Monroe

Your Enticing High-Class Lady away from home…

Welcome Serious Minded Gents Over 30…

Escape with me…

Come inside my world from a break of your everyday life, I create an atmosphere that most can only imagine.

I have another side to me which is my dark gift femdom. Visit my dark gift section on my website for more details.

You can truly get to know me because as many paragraphs I can type about myself it’s nothing until your in the presence of the real thing.

Tour Schedule Dates

Loveland,CO 8/22-8/31

Preschedule Me Now!
Visit My Website!

Still here? Great. I find your intrepidity quite attractive.

Feel free to visit my website if you have any question.

Until We Meet,

Lady Christian Rose

The Look

LadyChristian is a 5'4", curvy, 30 year old ebony / asian woman with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


One of the qualities that I love is generosity and nothing makes me feel more excited than receiving a special and thoughtful gift!

Gift Cards

* Sephora- Make up is my first love.

* Bath & Body work-My key to staying soft and sweet!

* Starbucks

* Amazon

* Target

*Barnes & Nobles-Love to read in my spare time

Special Favorites

* Micheal Kors

* Nordstorm

* Candles – Brand doesn’t matter as long as they smell nice. Surprise me!

* Flower Bouquets – The bigger the better! My favorite color is pink

* Wines- desert wine( Moscato D’Asti)


Scheduling An Appt With Me

I prefer all high class gents to be over 30

When you text please send the following screening info:

1.) Your age

2.) Preferred meeting time & day

3.) Duration of meeting

4.) Where did you see my post?

A deposit is required to secure an appt when booking with me.


I like my special guests to present themselves in a gentlemanly manner.
Always be a gentleman by being on time if there is a delay let me know as soon as possible.

I value your time and expect the same in return.

Be respectful and discreet when communicating with me.

Personal hygiene is must you always welcome to shower at my place.

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