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Irina Nyx

+Transformational BDSM, Massage, and Fantasy Exploration

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Presence. Pleasure. Pure Passionate Poetry.

Delight in The Sacred and The Profane

I delight in being your muse…Your guide… Your reverent and relentless dominator…

I revel in guiding us through sensuous, embodied, soulful exploration to discover just what kind of creature you are.

I approach our sessions first and foremost as a pleasure-oriented artist.

I invite you to be the canvas to my professional, provocative painter.

With the artful container as a foundation, I blend a degree in Psychology, a background in Thai bodywork, movement arts and somatic practices, and my work as a dominatrix to craft uniquely creative, holistic sessions that invite you into deeper body awareness, sensation, and real connection.

* Do you get the sense that there is more of you waiting to be discovered?

* Are you certain that it’s possible to feel more alive than you’re currently feeling?

* Are you looking for someone who not only enjoys the same activities as you, but is able to build on those activities in a way that surprises and delights you?



Genuine relationship where you are safe to completely let go and be yourself.

One client describes the experience well:

“Miss Irina is a true Alpha who draws on her ample intellect, sensuality, compassion, spirituality and hard ass dominance to take complete control of your imagination. Folks, you have no idea how exciting it is to admit your deepest darkest fantasies and have them scooped up, played with and celebrated by a brilliant, beautiful female.”

Celebration is key. It brings me joy to have you in a delightfully destabilized and surrendered state of pleasure, pain, or a delicious combination of the two.

If you would like to get lost in the paradoxical beauty of a loving predator…

If you would like to understand something more about who you are as an 3rotic being and beyond…

If you would like to be brought to life in new and exciting ways…

Reach out. I would love to connect with you.

The Look

Irina Nyx is a 5'3", athletic, 37 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I am a sapiosexual and I love creative interaction during sessions. Bring your curiousity and playfulness!

I love thoughtful notes, unscented beeswax candles, and high quality organic chocolate. If you would like to send a gift card, I appreciate gift cards to REI, Mr. S Leather, Free People, and Agent Provocateur.

I love when my clients are not shy about using “yellow.” I am interested in a mutually consensual and pleasurable session.

Activity Interests Include but are not limited to:


Massage and Energy work



Foot worship

Sensory Deprivation

Delectable Cuisine

Dominance and Submission

T & D

Kinky Consent Training

Confession and Atonement

The Psychology of Power

The Power of Harnessing Life Force Energy


Archetypal Exploration

Human Canvas

Private Dance

Waking Dreamwork

Creative Role Plays

Impeccable Mind F*cking

* I delight in creative collaboration. If you have an interest not listed here, respectfully ask. Hope for yes, Respect No.


- Text or email me to express your interest in a session using the subject line: Denver session request. I will send more information about session types via email, after which we will have a brief phone conversation prior to securing an appointment time.

- Respect.

- Consent and/or a humble willingness to learn (I have lots of fun ways to teach the standards of consent that I expect).

- That you will arrive to sessions freshly showered and in clean clothes.

- Sessions begin at $300 per hour. Rates are non-negotiable. Deposits required for new clients.

- Deposits are non-refundable for no shows, and a full session fee is required before being eligible for a session in the future.

- Rescheduling may be possible with at least 24 hours notice.

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