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Priestess Usha Isadora

+Traditional Tantric ceremony, surrender, relax and recharge

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I am a very joyful spirit at Heart and love to spend my time singing & creating, in nature! I live my life devoted to the love & wisdom of the Goddess! originally I am from Germany, living in LA!

Welcome, I am soul excited that you’ve found me!

My name is Usha and I love to meet you if your Heart feels called!

Come and join in an authentic Tantric ceremony and learn all about the tantric arts! Wether you are single or like to come with your partner, my temple is the place to gain a total new perspective of how you can deepen your relationship with yourself. Are you pregnant? I feel honored to work with you.


*Ancient & Neo-Tantric meditations

*Deep pelvic breathing

* Activating visualizations

* Working with your feminine and masculine energy

* Lay in a vocal tonal Sound & crystal bowl healing bath

* Eye to Eye & Throat to Throat, Heart to Heart connecting

* Aromatheraphy warm towel Queens & Kings bath

*Tantric Nuru Massage & learning to manifest with your Life force energy

I am a certified Askanda Natha Mystery School Tantra healer, Ayurvedic massage, Yoga and Sound Practitioner that has been studying self-awareness with Shamans and Wisdom teachers since I was little and am currently deepening my studies with Layla Martin at the tantric institute.

My mission is to remind others of their own purity and magnificence. I believe in the law of Karma so everything I do I do with great awareness and dedication keeping in mind the good of the whole.

~Tantra for single person~

$444/ 90-180 min

~Couples ceremony ~
Dive deeper into your sacred Love bond
$701 / 180-240 min

~ 7 hour retreat style ceremony~

(Basic tantric ceremony included!)

comes with some more specials: Experience Heart opening medicinal cocoa & other sacred medicine I offer, extended sound bath, card pull, one on one yoga, a deep Ayurvedic head to toe massage, an ancient sacred rose bath and in depth coaching with anything you like to focuse on, gaining guidance with in life.

~Medicine Rapè~


~ Head to toe Ayurvedic Massage~

(includes Sound Bath)

with herbal oils This one can be done separately or before the tantric massage


~Double Goddess Tantra ceremony~

$555/90 min

The Look

Priestess Usha Isadora is a 5'4", curvy, 32 year old woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Music! Anything that expands our mind & body to heal, Yoga, horse riding, traveling, Cooking


I expect my clients to come with an open Heart and with a humble nature to respect the flow of my ceremony and allow themselves to focus on what I teach and to feel into surrender.

As long as you are being respecful to me and my space, all is welcome. I can hold the space for you to let go and be vulnerable, if that means you have to vent, share anything on your heart and cry.

Something I do not tolearte: If I find out you are drunk or under any other type of drugs that don’t allow you to properly function I will have you leave at my temple door.

Please refrain from wearing colonge if you are able to do so.

Thank you!

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