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+Creatrix of Connection- concert, dinner and travel companion

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Always the other woman - with a fire for every experience and an obsession for freedom. Care to indulge?

A dainty lady with a warming, genuine personality, big heart and curious mind.

I have a penchant for traditional dates, will eat most anything and have a wide auditory and literary palette. By nature, I am a planner and would be happy to assist with any details. Those who prebook/prescreen have my whole heart.

My vulnerability, passion and mystery will entice… A sensualist sommelier to the core, I am traditionally educated possessing knowledge, intellect and wisdom beyond my years.

Soul food extroardinarie, my unique niche offers boundless exploration and adventure.

I’m curious, aren’t you?

The Look

Aurabelle is a 5'2", slender, all natural caucasian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I am a multi faceted woman with a consistent rotation of hobbies and past times. I am just as adventurous and curious as your are!

I make effortless conversation, an affluent dance partner, effervescent dining company, passionate art and nature complement and more, of course!

With so many missed connetions in the universe, let us not be one.

I look forward to connecting.


Please take a few moments to read my website to familiarize yourself

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72 hours notice is appreciated when requesting to meet, 24 hours at minimum

E-mail or booking available directly through my website

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