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Hidden details cannot be accurately contemplated until you get up close and personal often weaving them into the very makeup of your quintessence.

The Look

Alexandria Fox is a 5'4", slender, all natural, 36 year old black woman with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

Sometimes an itch is one so deep that it is hard to scratch. It plagues the mind and incessantly whispers its desires in your ear just below the level of hearing it consciously during waking hours but explodes across the vivid landscape of your mind under the intoxicant of slumber. You awake hungry, insatiable and craven.

Alexandria Fox

You have spent hours combing through numerous profiles of gorgeous women and still have not found your perfect companion. You seek something that is based on shared chemistry, that is felt every time our eyes meet. Pulse quicken, the foreground becomes the background as your lips meet mine and the stressors of the week give way to the rising alchemical frission between us.

My company is for the generous gentleman with a saphiophilic slant. A man who seeks a mature, well-educated. Well-spoken and charismatic woman who understands that mutual discretion is always priority.

I prefer all dates planned at least 24-48 hours (or more) in advance. I require a minimum of 6 hours advance notice for same day appointments. This ensures that I have had adequate time to prepare fully for our date as I always want to look my best. The best way for ANYONE to contact me is via email or through the Reservation form on my site. I offer hourly rendezvous for those looking for shorter engagements to longer multi-hour dates for those who seek to explore in depth the passion and chemistry that brought you to seek out my company.

My skin is a smooth mocha brown that is soft to the touch and highly intoxicating. I wear my hair in multiple ways: From my naturally bouncy curls, to long sumptuous and straightened. Your fantasy is always complete when you open the door to me as I seek to leave an indelible impression on your mind from the first look to our parting kiss. My photos are updated regularly and if you choose to chase the fox on Twitter at AlexandriaFox1 you will gain deeper insights into what makes tick.

I have a very professional attitude towards arranged dating and mutual discretion is greatly appreciated. Screening is required for all first dates and no drugs or smoking is ever allowed as I personally refrain from both.

Until We Meet,

Alexandria Fox


Visit my blog and follow me on Twitter @AlexandriaFox1 to learn more about what makes me the type of girl you have been seeking all along.


Please thoroughly review the “FAQ” section of my website so that you have a clear understanding of what I require in the way of hygeine and proper placement of donation upon arrival at my or your location.

There is always a screening process. Please provide Date-Check or P411 ID, any board handles and at least 3 provider references.

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