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Welcome to My Play-House! Where your deepest thoughts and dirtiest sins are confessed! Your pleasures, your mind! I will own them all! I will draw out feelings you’ve longed for! Experiences you never knew you needed! My world of kink, money, and Hightedned Awareness training! Will drive you mad with addiction! With every breath I speak, into your subconscious mind, all of your life long achs, wants, and submission! You will fall under my melodic control so easily, you’ll feel as if fate, had your path drawn all along! Experience who you have, ALWAYS WANTED TO BE with one phone call, one text, just ONE CLICK! You can have everything you have ever wanted! To be in total subservience to a true divine Queen! Your destiny awaits in the sound of my voice, my body speak to you to serve me! Entrance in me i will take you into the plain of enlighted and hightenghtend awareness. Your only want will be to love cherish and serve me! I want to fill every whim with you! Break down your submissive suppression, within my Dominance over you. Submit your entirety to me, allow me to claim what has always been mine! You my pet, my slave, my puppet! Answer you desires, click click click I am a LIFESTYLE DOMINANT WOMAN, I KNOW WHO I AM AND WHAT I WANT, I expect nothing less than the best of you and I will give you the best of me! Watch your Queen DAILY by purchasing my Goodies! Get my ATTENTION with tribute and servitude! Follow me on my platforms! Types of Domination Offered: Female Domination Sadist Pain/Impact Play Humiliation, Domme Ass Worship Denial CEI Feminization Chastity Foot worship Shopping Do not be disrespectful Understand you are entering into servitude know your kinks Have fun Be you!

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MistressLA is a 5', curvy, 32 year old woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.

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