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Step inside The Manor with the charming, cunning, and commanding Joyce Fulbright , lovingly called Miss J.F. or ‘my Lady’ by her devoted pets.

I am a mature, spirited woman who has found a whole new adventure along my life-path, with laughter, lust, openness, and acceptance the keys in making my life full of passion and meaning. What better way to feel alive?

Perhaps a good all-round description of me from a long-time friend is best - “Joyce Fulbright is a 50-something woman experiencing life and having fun at it. A petite, curvaceous lady with unique talents, who loves to dress elegantly for any occasion. She is educated with a good sense of humor and makes the best of any situation. She particularly enjoys exploring her kinky wild side and aiding those curious in wild sides of their own. Rope bondage will be a key factor in all her sessions, but never fear, for she is careful to step into only what you can handle.”

The Look

Joyce Fulbright is a 5'2", curvy, all natural, mature caucasian woman with shoulder length hair and hazel eyes.


What about this kinky wild side you ask?

I enjoy weaving a web of mischief with rope, inspired by the ancient Japanese art of erotic rope bondage called Shibari. Of course, as a Domme, I have many enticing ideas tucked up my sleeve, including Bondassage® and Elysium®, the ultimate in exhilarating kinky massages and luxurious touch explorations. Additionally, I am a devious disciplinarian with a sadistic streak for those sincere-minded folk who find great satisfaction in service. Your willingness will put a twinkle in my eye, as you shiver in anticipation of the promise of sweet surrender.

I invite you to explore this world with me in a variety of experiences from the playful to the profound, through kinky massages, percussive play, sensory deprivation, to full-blown role-plays and domestic training. I offer you an attentive ear, a compassionate spirit, a generous laugh, and a beguiling smile along with that firm hand and wicked mind. Even though I’ll be someone who is a little bit devilish, think of me certainly as someone with whom you feel comfortable and … excited.


Be sure to visit My Website for more information and to familiarize yourself with my expectations before contacting me. Completing the contact form on my website is the best and my preferred way to get in touch. If calling is your only option, understand all calls are screened and the number is a message system only.

To schedule an appointment or make an inquiry, prepare the following information. Only once this information has been completed and submitted, will you receive a response.

Please include this information in your introduction:​

  • Your name, age, and board handle (if applicable).
  • Your contact number.
  • ​Indicate the type of session and suggested day, time, and length of visit that interests you.
  • How you identify yourself (man, woman, transgender, couple, straight, bi, etc.) and your physical description.
  • Screening is essential to assure our mutual safety and discretion. Share two current references - reputable practitioners you’ve seen within the last six months, and include their email addresses and a reminder of a way they would remember you. Indicate if you will need an alternate form of screening, which could include employment verification.
  • What inspired you to contact me and where you found my information.
  • Any physical conditions, allergies, or sensitivities that would be helpful to know in planning the best possible experience for us both.

Remember, you only have one chance to make a great first impression. Craft your introductory letter well.

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