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Daring to question convention and make bold changes are the best things I’ve ever done.

We are a rare breed, you and I; we have personalities that are multi-faceted. We are multi-dimensional. Even those who have known us for years are often surprised by us. I love spending time with beautifully complex creatures, and the unfolding process of getting to know each other, sharing more and more over time, and bringing all of myself to our connection.

You long for a companion who can keep up with you on many different levels.

You’re not a conventional kind of man… you question assumptions and explore outside of convention. Gender expression is one of my playgrounds. I’ve always known that we have the capacity to express ourselves in a myriad of ways, from feminine to masculine and everywhere in between. Giving myself permission to cultivate one hundred percent of me has been one of the most freeing projects I’ve engaged in. I enjoy feeling both the soft, subtle, gentle; and the strong, hard, and aggressive in my friends.

Now is the time to check something off your bucket list with an adventurous, creative, and spontaneous co-conspirator.

The Look

Jessie Rose is a 5'9", slender, 33 year old caucasian woman with short brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


As an artistic being, my body is my medium.

I take great enjoyment in keeping my body strong, lithe, and vibrant. That has been an overlaying theme through my entire life, as has exploration for it’s own sake. I love travelling and wandering through urban areas, taking in the inspiration of all that surrounds me. I love to find connections between pleasure and spiritual transcendence.


1pm-5pm daily

All bookings confirmed at least 2 hrs in advance

Most bookings are made the day before.

Respect and courtesy are essential and go a long way.

My rates reflect the time, energy, and thought I put into keeping my body and spirit in impeccable condition and providing a luxurious space with many amenities.

Security and privacy are elements of an open and honest dialogue between us. It is important for me to assess each person I meet beforehand. This also allows me to better understand your unique interests.

I will always confirm our time together at both the time of booking and the day before the appointment. Trying to confirm an appointment that is being made at the last minute can be extremely difficult. Please plan our meeting with as much notice as possible so that we both have time to prepare.

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