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+A sunny disposition & a refined conversationalist

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Mature artist, passionate ally

I have a sparkling personality - I enjoy life and I like to have fun!
I’m gifted in many different areas. I speak three languages, from which I find alot of joy. I have a curvaceous, athletic body. I think you will appreciate the total package.
I’m know as being personable, responsive, no-nonsense and fun. These qualities coexist within me in harmony.

The Look

Jenny Ross is a 5'8", curvy caucasian woman in her early 40's with short brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, Groups, and Non Binary.




I am artistic and passionate, and my interests reflect that.

I am a singer, song-writer, and composer. I studied dance and enjoyed dancing en pointe immensely. I also enjoy pencil sketching.

I am a natural social justice advocate and have worked for various social justice organizations. Currently, I am an organizer for SWOP-Seattle.

I enjoy my visits to the gym, going out dancing, and down time with my friends. My friends mean the world to me: I am a reliable and loyal friend.

I enjoy writing and I am working on my memoir.


I expect you to be sensible and courteous during our time together.

Please, know that I would never violate your privacy.

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