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Elaina Rue

+I value being present, for here is a place where anything can happen.

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Welcome. ​I’m a Seattle-based luxury companion and lover of life.
If your interests relate to either or both of the above, you’re probably in the right place.


I love what I do because of th

I am based in Seattle, working at your preferred outcall location. I travel near and far to clients. With me you will find a luxury, independent companion. At my core I am your classic elite, who loves nothing more than to join you for travel but also elsewhere. On the surface I am a petite, slim, woman in my mid thirties. I have short, soft hair, long eyelashes framing deep brown eyes, a small button nose and full, pillowy lips. My skin is a beautiful light brown. I have a small waist which dips in from the curves of my hips and a perky, curvy ass (butt, booty, bottom). My physique is gym toned and tight, my stature petite in height and frame. Clients have described me as classically beautiful. While decorated with many delicate black tattoos, I am far from alternative in style. My preferred dress is understated elegance, with simple dresses offset with a designer bag, jewellery and simple lingerie. My voice is feminine and smooth with the husk of relaxed depth. But, it’s not all dinner dates and weekends away. Extended bookings often provide ample opportunity for exploration set against a backdrop of sumptuous luxury.

I want you to know me on a level that breaks through the surface, that bypasses any superficiality you may have experienced before in this world of companionship.

I’m sure you’ve got a fairly good idea of how dinner with a woman goes. The drinks, the flirting, the small moments of one hand brushing against another. I think it’s safe to say that we’ve both been on a few dates in our time, but what we haven’t yet experienced is each other.

So, me: I am always looking for a gentleman who enjoys a woman for her deepest wish, for what sets her alight. I could reel off an endless list of things I love to do, but the focus of dates for me is always connection. This is essential to authenticity for me.

The Look

Elaina Rue is a 5'4", slender, 34 year old caucasian / ebony / asian woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, and Female.


Just as much as I savour slinking into airplane seats, I love curling up on the couch with a book and some tea. I’m besotted with the artistry of exquisite food, architecture, art, my attentions loving to focus on the seemingly trivial details that constitute the whole. Just like my interests in culture and all that makes it what it is, my interests in you are the many, many pieces that constitute the whole.

As with any responsible companion, I base all of my interactions on consent, communication, and the building of trust between us. A chat over the phone during which we can run through how you’d like our date to go and your likes and dislikes is one of the best ways to get acquainted. And of course, let me know of any of your favourite spots to enjoy a show and some dinner together or, if you’re new in town, I’ll make sure you experience some of the essential Seattle spots!


For the most helpful approach please see the booking process on my website. This is best to efficiently handle the logistics of arranging a date with me, so that we can then personally get acquainted and begin planning the exciting aspects of our date.

Aside from the practical expectations, my key expectations for hopeful friends is simple: I, like most women, expect to be treated with respect, appreciation and kindness. I’ve made it my life’s ambition to treat those around me in exactly this manner, and without these things I can safely say we won’t have the incredible time we are meant to have together. So, with that in mind, I look forward to hearing from you! We have so much fun to have…

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