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I’m a true chameleon. Although upon first meeting I will appear more on the conservative side, you will soon be pleasantly awakened to witness my more adventurous, open-minded side though I will always remain a true lady when necessary.

My suitors and friends describe me as classy, stunning, highly articulate, intriguing, sensual, warm, and fun with an extremely charismatic and magnetic personality. I’ve also been teased that I’m a little bohemian-like. I refuse to let any one thing define me and in this life I am many things as you will quickly discover within minutes of our encounter.

I am an Exotic Filipino/Puerto Rican beauty with a perfect hour glass figure. A well experienced, well put together young woman, I take pride in keeping my body fit and work out regularly. I’ve been described as a woman that’s constantly full of energy and adventure.

Driven by curiosity to seek and explore new adventures along with my love of meeting powerful, interesting people has led me here; to feel a sense of freedom and empowerment to be the beautiful, sensual, and desirable woman that I am.

I’m sweet with a brilliant mind to match a pretty face…what are you waiting for?

Come into my world… a world of quality, pampering, and catering to you!

I’m selective of the people I wish to spend my time with and a well respected, highly exclusive, premiere companion. Therefore I believe that privacy, discretion, and safety are paramount. I assure you our engagement as well as any necessary information provided by you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

The majority of those I meet become acquaintances or friends for many years.

Incall/Outcall 600

Can’t wait to meet you!

Besos… Vivian Milan