Why You Need an Escort Website

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You’re squinting skeptically at the screen. “I don’t need another username and password to forget for ANOTHER site,” you’re thinking. “I already have a Backpage ad and profiles on more directories than I can remember. Plus, I don’t have time to set up a website, and I don’t know any HTML. I have enough of an internet presence as it is.”

You might be right. But keep reading and you may just change your mind. The bottom line is, a site for your escort business (or professional work as a dominatrix, sensual masseuse, bodyrubs provider, cam girl, or exotic dancer) can help you get more clients. Here’s why.

It makes you more memorable

You want to stand out, right? Your ads are competing for eyeballs with a bunch of other ads crammed full of asterisks and CrAzY CaPs. Linking all your profiles and ads to your personal escort site means a prospective client is more likely to recognize your face or your name from your site. And the more he reads your name, the more you’ll stick in his mind.

You’re easier to find (and book)

With your own site, if someone Googles your name, they find you. Since it can take Google a couple of weeks to notice a new site, temporary ads might never be indexed, so it’s that much harder for a prospective client to find you. What’s easier to remember and type on a smartphone, sexylexi.com or whatever he can remember about you to search for?

You look legit

Want potential clients to know at a glance that you’re different from the fakers and the flakes? Because they probably won’t take the time to set up their own website. Having your own website, easy-to-remember URL, and professional email address (like info@sexylexi.com) sets you apart, reassures newbies you’re for real, and shows you take your work seriously.

You have more freedom

Having your own escort site means YOU’RE in control (which is part of the whole reason you got into this business, right?). Let’s face it: Not many directories are as gorgeous as Slixa. With your own site, you aren’t constrained by someone else’s design sensibilities. You can reflect your personality through whatever colors and theme you choose, from a pretty-in-pink theme for a GFE escort to a more earthy, natural theme for a sensual masseuse or dark, mysterious theme for a dominatrix. You can also incorporate things like a calendar, videos, etiquette page, wishlist, and FAQ. That way, you can strike the right balance of putting new clients at ease while leaving them wanting more.

Still not convinced? Getting your own site is free and easy! Forget trying to figure out how to change your DNS records or using multiple places for buying and hosting a site. These days, if you’ve used gmail, you won’t have any trouble setting up your own escort site. We here at Escort Design think our free escort sites are pretty great, but you have other options too. Check us out to see if having your own website makes sense for you.

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