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  1. What Is Slixa VIP Membership?
  2. What is the “Distance Dating” category?
  3. Why should I create a viewer account?
  4. Does Slixa Require Personal Information?
  5. Do I need an account to use Slixa?
  6. Does it cost money to use Slixa?
  7. What is the “add to favorites” feature?
  8. What are Verified Photos?
  9. What are Visiting Ads?
  10. What does VIP mean?
  11. What is the “Available Now” feature?
  12. What are incall location maps?
  13. Does Slixa have a Twitter Account?
  14. What is Slixa Live?
What Is Slixa VIP Membership?

We’re excited to announce a host of features available to you with our new Slixa VIP Member Upgrade!

For less than $10 a month, as a Slixa VIP Member you will be able to:

  • Save, follow, and categorize up to 300 of your favorite Slixa profiles.
  • Enjoy exclusive access to all new photos and videos uploaded site wide in your personalized photo/video feed
  • Hand-select and save your favorite photos and videos
  • Write and keep private notes on all your Saved Profiles
  • Instantly display New & Visiting advertisers in an unlimited number of cities
  • And, introducing our new quick kill-switch for instant Discreet Mode (We could all use this!)

Arguably the most powerful aspect of being a Slixa VIP is your VIP Member ID Status which gives you instant credibility with our incredible advertisers. VIP Members are in the Top 1% of Slixa’s 1 MIL+ monthly visitors. Your VIP status could facilitate easier and faster screening for preferred bookings and Virtual Sessions!

Upgrade now and join Slixa’s Top 1%!

If you’d prefer to keep your free account, please note that you have a limit of 5 favorited profiles and 3 preferred cities, and to remain a free account we ask that you login to delete the profiles and cities you no longer want to keep.

For any questions you have about Slixa VIP membership read here.

What is the “Distance Dating” category?

The “Distance Dating” category is to help you connect with Slixa professionals offering Digital services such as:

  • Live chat sessions
  • Virtual dates
  • Camming
  • Clips
  • Fan sites
  • and more!

This is just a taste of what’s to come as we adjust to this new reality and rise up to meet an unusual set of interesting challenges. We hope you will continue to support our advertisers and also let us know how we can make your Slixa experience more fulfilling.

Why should I create a viewer account?

Creating a viewer account allows you to “favorite” advertisers’ profiles and use other useful advanced features.

Does Slixa Require Personal Information?

No, Slixa does not request personal or identifying information of any kind. The only information needed to create a viewer account is an email and a password, nothing else.

Do I need an account to use Slixa?

No, you do not need an account to use Slixa. Although, if you do have an account you will be able to save all of your favorite advertisers’ profiles for quick reference and use other useful advanced features.

Does it cost money to use Slixa?

No, Slixa is completely free to Viewers.

What is the “add to favorites” feature?

“Favoriting” advertisers allows you to quickly reference all your favorite advertisers in one place. Once logged into your viewer account, click on the “favorites” tab at the top of the page. This will take you to the page that shows you all the advertisers that you’ve “favorited” to avoid the hassle of searching for them all over again or potentially forgetting their name!

What are Verified Photos?

The Slixa “verified” badge contained on some advertisers’ photos indicates that Slixa has verified that the photo is an accurate representation of the advertisers’ true appearance. Slixa does not verify identity, but rather the appearance of an advertiser. You can quickly identify which advertisers’ photos have been verified by the “verified” badge that overlays the photo in the lower right corner of the image.

If you see an advertiser who has dramatically different verified and not verified photos, please let us know by clicking the “Report Profile” link on their profile page.

What are Visiting Ads?

Visiting ads are placed when an advertiser is temporarily traveling to a different city. You can tell which advertisers are traveling by the little airplane icon on the bottom left-hand corner of the thumbnail. If you hover over the airplane it will expand to show you the dates the advertiser will be in that city. You can also search for visiting advertiser by clicking on the “filters” button beneath the billboard at the top of the page. Once you open up the filter options, click “visiting” underneath the “visiting” header to apply your filters.

What does VIP mean?

There is no set definition of “VIP” that all agree on. VIP is a setting each advertiser can choose to enable or disable, and we recommend you inquire with the advertiser for more information.

What is the “Available Now” feature?

Available Now is a feature that lets you know an advertiser is available for booking within two hours.

Advertisers who set themseleves to “available now” will have a blue “Available Now” banner on their ad thumbnail and be included in the “Available” category.

What are incall location maps?

Incall location maps can be seen on and advertiser’s profile under their listed city on the right-hand column of the profile. This map gives a 1.5 miles radius around the zipcode perimeter of their approximate incall location.

Not all advertisers choose to use this feature, and we recommend you contact the advertiser for a more precise location once you’re ready to book an appointment.

Does Slixa have a Twitter Account?

We sure do!

Keep up-to-date on everything Slixa! You can follow us @SlixaUpdates.

What is Slixa Live?

Slixa.live is our newest offering, designed to easily connect you with your favorite Slixa professionals who offer online services.

**Slixa Live features everything in one relevant platform: **

  • Paid 1-on-1 Video Chat
  • Paid SMS/Texting
  • Video On Demand (VOD) Rentals
  • Camming
  • Live Chat
  • Interactive Toy Connectivity
  • And loads more!

To connect with your favortie Slixa professional on slixa.live, look for their Slixa.live link in their slixa profile.