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+Girl next door looking to vibe with older, distinguished…

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“A girl’s legs are her best friends…but even the best of friends must part.”

I’m an empathetic and sultry soul. I find a connection into every man with only a look and touch. Intimidation has no place when you’re with me. Discretion is key and I’m only that mysterious girl-next-door.

Time is never wasted, small talk is disregarded and pleasure is therapeutic.

“Walk in feeling low but walk out feeling like He-man, guaranteed.”

“She’s soft magic and smells so f*cking good.”

“She’s one of those girls you’re going to be thinking about on those quiet, lonely nights if you know what I mean…”

The Look

Pen10 is a 5'10", curvy woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


For your safety and mine, verification is necessary. Unnecessary stress due to the unknown will only poison our time together. If you are not willing to provide me the little bit of information required to verify your character, I’m not comfortable inviting you over to find out why.

Your privacy is incredibly important and immediately destroyed upon successful verification. Your vulnerability is not my business. Safety is my top priority.

Provide your verification information, preferred date and time for an appointment via email to get the ball rolling. xo


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