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+Native Texan. Exquisite physique.Unrivaled intelligence: perfection.

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Houston, Dallas


Escorts, Kink, Massage

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Ask me about virtual dating! During these most trying times locked down indefinitely in a scary pandemic, it is nearly impossible to stay sane. Indeed the dating world is difficult enough without the restrictions of being sequestered in your home.
Luckily for me, I Own my own business and am able to schedule around your requirements.
Virtual GF: 300 DAILY, 600/WKLY, 1000/mo
30M 150
15m 75
10m 50

DONT sit around lonely when you could be talking with me!

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Quirky, Beautiful. Unique. Charismatic. What else is there to want? You tell me…I’m dying to oblige

Good day, beautiful people! My name is Janie Layne, one of Houston’s most exclusive and sought after companions. I don’t often surface to make new acquaintances, so if you have found me here…you’re in luck! I won’t be be around long, as I am searching for something rather specific currently…and thus far my endeavors continue! In my professional life, I am a successful small business owner an eclectic artist of multiple mediums.and multi-faceted photographer, as well as maintained a modeling streak professionally for over 15yrs as a lucrative pasttime (as well as an admitted ego boost when needed. Teehee) I’m well published, but that is a story for another day and another drink .

These days, If I am not behind my MacBook editing photos, trying to hitch a plane to fly, creating some unique piece of furniture, or elbows deep in an engine bay, you’ll most likely find me behind the stove baking cookies or snuggling with my dogs! …or to be frank, most likely burning cookies. However, if it’s a savory osso bucco or nostalgic southern breakfast: take a breath, and NEVER tell your mother who your new favorite chef is. ;)

I am an artist of all mediums I can manage to get my paws on, and it isn’t uncommon to see me covered in “todays” project, unbeknownst to the paint in my hair…

The Look

JanieLayne is a 5'7", athletic, 33 year old caucasian woman with short blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Trans, Disability, and Non Binary.





Being a professional photographer/artist means most of my life *is* considered my “interest” . I do what i love. Lucky gal.

I am a voracious reader of all genres, an avid fan of all creatures great and small, a pianist/percussionist, as well as a fanatic of a foodie.

I am a certified auto technician (still. Thanks, pops) as well as I am significantly into my private pilot’s training…which, if I am honest, may be an endeavor enjoyed externally, but never intend to complete.

I love flying, and am working on my lrivate license, but between us both…i would be just as happy being “in training” eternally, as long as I had the chance to be behind the yoke. There is nothing like the feeling of open windows and a houston sunset from the cockpit of a Cessna the size of a shoebox. Ill even show you, sometime.

At heart, I’m an artist. Creator. Purveyor of perspective. As we learn more about eachother on a personal level, you’ll see the nature of my inner beauty, as well, and perhaps a glimpse of how I attempt to manifest that physically in order to share it with others.

However, Most of all, I enjoy human interaction. Nothing means anything when you don’t have anyone to share it with.

What I like in you:

I don’t expect or want a gentleman to mirror my interests or otherwise focus on me 24/7 . I enjoy a partner who shares my enthusiasm for the quest of knowledge, wherever it may take us. If anything, I would love for us to try something new together!

Confidence and drive in your endeavors is attractive. Jefferson always claimed he never failed…simply found 10,000 ways that did not work.

A sweet, but firm demeanor is welcome as laughter is imperative, but bullying is not. If you are rude, you are also spending your time alone. Lol.

Pride in your hygiene and an appreciation for the time I spend on mine with you in mind is not only appreciated but a request as I feel it’s appropriate.

And overall? An almost unreasonable love for Adventure…

I’m an escape in myself. Am experience. Ask anyone who’s been around…there is *certainly* only *one* Janie Layne. A muse. Pure catharsis…As a veteran fitness, fashion and adult model, a voyeur is my best friend. Like a bird of paradise, I maintain myself to perfection as far as I can accomplish with the sheer determination ato be the beauty outside that I strive to be inside.

Don’t let that fool you, though, my outstanding intelligence and poise are the perfect accompaniment to my exquisite beauty and glamor. Along with 15+ years in human relation focused professional work comes a deep empathy and ability to feel what a soul requires to feel complete.

I emplore you to find your safe space with me…peruse the country, perhaps travel the world.

Let me be your muse…and perhaps you, mine.

Can you make the cut?

I dare us.


I expect and appreciate my suitors to be 35yo plus, as it best suits my personality type, but I’m always open for suggestions

Kindness is a must, as the absence of it will end in your removal, no questions asked, consideration required. Also not a question.

I will be in a private incall. As to not raise eyebrows, you attire is an important topic of discussion:

NO JEAN SHORTS, NO HATS, NO FLIP FLOPS. Business casual, please, at a minimum, or you will be asked to change and return on a different date, consideration required.

A shower with plush towels and luxury men’s toiletries will be available. If i suggest you use them, it is NOT an exception, nor a true suggestion. If you are lucky, kind, or charming…ill even join you.


I will be spending all of my time and attention on and with you during our date, and any gentleman lucky enough to pass my screening shall be graciously thanked for their gift in more ways than one…

I require a minimum of a 2hr meeting on our first date… An experience with me is simply impossible to fully enjoy with so little time…and first impressions are everything with me, and I hope you as well.

1hr 1000

2hr 1500

3h 2000

LONGER (Most memorable and preferred experiences. For gentlemen of stature who strive for excellence in *every* facet of life)

6hr 4000

8hr/daytime foray/night owl adventure 6000

12hr or Overnight 10000

24hrs 15000

Trips, Events, Dinner Dates, Christmas Parties, and other items are options for discussion on a specific basis. Surprise me, and i may surprise you, too.

PLEASE: considerations are to be placed in an unsealed envelope, a greeting card, or as a bookmark in your favorite novel. Do not speak of you kind consideration nor of our activities in person. Thank you in advance.


I do not book same day appointments, nor do I have any interest in short dates. 1h dates are only available to close friends, and only on occassion.

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