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+Your Feminine Creator of Eros and Love, devoted to guide you.

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I live sensually, with intention between every breath. Guiding you into my tantric world of pleasure and slow mindfulness.

Divine Being,

I feel grateful that you’re here. I am a tantric yogi whom loves to live sensually, enjoying all of life’s pleasures. I believe it is our birthright to have everything we have ever desired. Let us explore desires and life’s pleasures together.

I crave to surrender to a masculine being, gently guided into life’s bliss. You will receive a taste of my feminine power, all while worshipping each other’s existence. Let’s create transcendental magical bliss together. Exploring the dark secrets of our hearts. All of you is welcome with me, I accept you as you are; a Divine God to this universe.

Let’s devour the moment we have been given, clawing our way to the deepest darkest cravings and taking our sacred time to soak each other in.

I am here to open your heart and heal your body. Guiding you through tantric techniques; offering you my presence, energy, and heart.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and building a deep, trusting, and devoted connection.

The Look

Sienna Eros is a 5'7" 30 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


I enjoy being outdoors by the water with my skin soaked in sun rays, my feet cooled by the rocks or grass; Dancing is my happy place, surrendering my body to the sounds; Relaxing with a good book and warm cup of coffee is a pleasure of mine; Traveling gives me the freedom my heart desires, I have yet to be taken to my dream destinations; Hiking in the woods with sweat and dirt upon my skin gives me the best feeling; I live my life alcohol and drug free, however I am comfortable being in an atmosphere with alcohol, so let’s have a drink; Meditating and body movement daily gives me the peace I forever long for.


•If you cancel or postpone 48hours before our scheduled appointment you will be charged %50 of the total donation.

•If you cancel or postpone 24hours or less before our scheduled appointment you will be charged %100 of the total donation.

•Dates 3hours or longer will require a deposit of %25.

•Dates that are 1hour or further from Austin will require a %50 deposit plus a booking minimum and travel fee at my discretion.

Etiquette ~
•I will always contact you 24hours before our date to confirm. If you fail to respond promptly then I reserve the right to terminate our appointment.

•Discretion is a must.

•Please be freshly showered and groomed upon our appointment.

•Please present my donation in a visible place upon the first five minutes of our date. If meeting in a public place, I encourage you to place it in a card, envelope, or book (that I would enjoy).

•If at any point my safety or well-being is compromised our date will be terminated without a return of the donation.

•A screening will be required.

•I prefer to be contacted through email.

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