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“You are alive, and you don’t need to justify your existence. You can be the biggest mystery in your own story.” 

Hello lovely,
For those of you I have not yet got the pleasure in meeting, my name is Michelle Bailey -

As much as I can hold up the girl next door persona, I choose to not go based off of the visions portrayed through someone else’s eyes.
Do not look through the lenses of my age; I’m wise beyond my years and have made it a priority to find the truth in myself as well as the beautiful world around us.

By day I work within the medical field helping others structure themselves to live life to their fullest potential. By night I enjoy spending time with riveting likeminded people.

I hold myself with the upmost confidence and I appreciate the value of a stimulating conversation from all walks of life. I’ve learned that what we give out in the world is what we get back and I only wish to give the most gracious of all things whether it be support, advice, or something simple as my company. I strive to relieve you of your stress and remind you that this thing we call life shouldn’t be so complicated. Simplicity is the key.

Just like most, you’ll not be able to put your finger on where I get my high cheek bones, soft golden skin, almond eyes, and long, curly black hair from.
I’m unapologetically myself- I can’t help but love who I am. The way I think and the way I see life is unlike most. Our time together means something to me and I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity in meeting you.

I want to learn everything you can teach me.
I want to see your world as it is and take you into the place you rather be.

The Look

Michelle Bailey is a 5'4", full figured, all natural, 25 year old latina woman with long black hair and black eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.


Outdoors: Hiking, camping, being out on the water

Being with my friends, family, and my pup! I love surrounding myself with good company and having a good time.

Music; live music, concerts, music festivals

Traveling; I enjoy culturing myself and learning about the world around me.

School; I love learning about anything and everything and I’m constantly reading and writing. Whether it be my formal education or informal education, I’m constantly enjoy expanding my perspective on subjects that interest me.

Sports; I’m a huge baseball fan and I enjoy playing and watching many sports.


Be a Gentleman; This is the biggest guidline of them all; Please be respectful towards me and if out in public, towards the people around us as well. Nothing is better than a man who not only dresses like gentleman, but someone who has the manners to match.

Be Prepared for our Meeting; Hygeine is a must! Please shower/shave an hour prior to our arranement. If there’s anything you want to bring to enjoy during our time together, please contact me ahead of time so we’re both on the same page. If you cancel 24 hours prior to our arrangement more than once, I will no longer be able to see you.

Drugs and Alcohol; I understand that some of you like to partake in the use of drugs/alcohol, I myself am a social drinker. But I expect you to not indulge in the use of drugs in my presence and keep your drinking at a minimum to make sure our time togehter runs smoothly.

Time; I totally understand losing track of of time and will probably do so myself, but Please be respectful and do not overstay our time booked with one another. If you’re wanting to extend your time, please do ask if any time is available and have the donation handy if time is extended.

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