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“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.” – Rumi

I love the arts. Writing, visual arts, performance arts, etc are all things that make me feel engaged and even alive. In result I created a blog to express that part of myself. Please visit it and get to know me.

I love intelligent men. Physcists, economists, engineers, medicine, the law, the arts, the writers, the street smarts, the whatever I did not think of at the moment. Whisper a four letter syllable and it’s time to swoon. This is why I am here, to search you out, find you and hopefully spend magical moments with you.

Many have told me that I have gifted hands and that my hands transcend nuturing closeness. For me there is a feeling of sensing a man is dropping into a relaxed state. When all the stressors are stripped away and expectations we can find ourselves dropping into a timeless space. It is a dance between the giver and reciever.

In 2012 I started a blog as a creative outlet writing about modern feminine topics, some are make believe and some my musings. It is ever evolvling and will give you a fun peak into a mature woman’s mind. Please enjoy it. If you love it consider meeting me in person for a ‘Meet the Artist’ date . Making a date with me will keep my site active and also contribute to my long term project of writing a book.

For information on dates go to artbycamela.net/wp.

The Look

lovingcamela is a 5', curvy, all natural caucasian woman in her late 40's with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


My interests are travel, art and nature. Those are all very broad subjects. To be honest, I am a home body. So travel for me is within the country. Art is my own discovery. Nature is what I can find close to me and I chose to live in an area where I can easily get to a trail to hike.

Being a lover of nature I find living earth friendly important. I shop at farmer markets and thrift stores. In nature I will pick up the trash along the beach and take time to throw it in a near by trash can. I have a bicycle to run errands. I’d rather doodle and paint versus watching TV.

I enjoy dining too. Red wine, a good sauce and engaging conversation is a perfect evening.


First impressions are extremely important. Due to my blog some folks get confused and feel that it is okay to begin writing to me in a flirtatious fashion. This is not an appropriate introduction and I prefer a business casual tone. This is all I will say in this section. The rest is up to you!

To connect with me use email for your first introduction. Don’t know what to say? Tell me your age, profession, where you attended college or another interesting fact about yourself.

Part two is a pleasant phone chat. What will we talk about? The weather, what we had for lunch, an interesting story…stuff like that.

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