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+A Beautiful, Educated Conversationalist. What More Could You Ask For?

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“I restore myself when I’m alone” - Marilyn Monroe

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

If you are reading this, something about me captivated you enough and now you would like to know a little more about me. So let me say thank you for your curiosity and your willingness to step out of the social norm and explore something different.Who am I you may be asking yourself. I’m an all natural woman, who may just stand at 5’3”, but I carry myself with much class and dignity, that I appear taller in stature. I have beautiful brown eyes that are sometimes enhanced with beautiful framed glasses or sometimes I let my guard down and let you stare deeply into them without any interference. I have a full, voluptuous lips that enhance my beautiful smile and sometimes make my pout even cute. I am a conversationalist, I have an extensive vocabulary and enjoy a variety of subjects. From scientific findings and case studies, to politics, to even sports, there will never be a dull nor silent moment between the two of us. Conversely, I am a great listener as well. So the conversation will not be all about me or just me talking, I take great pride in learning more about you and hearing what you have to say. When we take the time out to genuinely know one another, our time together will not feel like strangers just going through the motions, but we will be more fluent with one another making the word “stranger” not exist in our vocabularies when describing one another.

Whether you’re looking for a lunch or dinner companion or just someone to help you along the way, I can make sure that our time together is always memorable and amazing. My number 1 objective will always be you.

Let me be the one you long for, let me be your beautiful surprise. Every time you unwrap this present, it’s always going to feel like a new experience.

Signed: Marie-Lynn

The Look

Marie-Lynn is a 5'3", slender, 30 year old ebony woman with short blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


Some things I enjoy:

  • Sporting events. I’m a huge basketball and football fan. NFL: Miami Dolphins. NCAAF: Alabama Crimson Tide. NBA: Utah Jazz. NCAAB: Illinois Fighting Illini!
  • I love art gallaries.
  • I love wine tastings.
  • Though I’m a vegan, I love food. Ramen and Pho are my favorites right now.
  • I love reading, I have a goal to read 185 books by the end of the year. So I love books for gifts.
  • I’m not a big shopper, but I love art. My house is basically a mini art gallery as well as library. I buy local mostly because Nashville has some of the best artist.

What do I expect you ask?

  • For you to visit my website and familiarize yourself with my rates, etiquette, and screening process.
  • Screening is required. If you feel as though screening is beneath you, please feel free to contact and/or view another woman.
  • Clean, well groomed, and showered men and women.
  • I never expect to have to ask any donation of any sort.
  • I expect you to be respectful to yourself, myself, and my time.
  • I expect you to enjoy me at 100%. I do not use my cellphone at all on our dates. You will have my undivided attention with no worries about being videoed, photographed, nor posted or conversed about on any of my social sites.
  • Please do not text me with “Are you avaiable?” or any other variation.
  • Please note that without prior appointment, please do not text message and/or call me between the times of 11PM-8AM.
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