Summer Devi Love


+Come feel really good! Pleasure, Magic Bliss & Healing Tantra Touch await!

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You deserve to feel REALLY good! Allow pleadure to open you up to more in your world. Come & be nurtured, renenergized & adored with TANTRA touch!

Are you interested in touching breathing tasting Source? Do you desire to feel more deeply connected to yourself & others? Do you desire to have exquisite attention placed on you? I offer enlivening enthusiastic touch. I believe our bodies are majestic! Worthy of enjoying, worshiping & adoring. Come with me on a journey of exquisite connection, tapping into the ancient teachings of TANTRA. Relax, drop your worries, leave any concerns, we will move any stuck energy & you will leave feeling enlivened, reenergized & reminded of your own magnificence! I support people in embodiment, slowing down & experiencing the Sacred Divine. My sessions are about energy, sensuality & Tantra. Interested? Don’t wait. Follow your desire, it knows the way.


I believe our bodies are temples, worthy of adorning worship. I’m interested in exploring & discovering more deeply the ways that Tantra, touch & pleasure have a way of opening us up to more expansion so that we can live more connected juicy lives!

It turns me on to work with clients who are open & curious, open to exploration, open to the unknown & willing to go to those places of sensuality & vulnerability. Vulnerability is SO SEXY! I love curious people who are willing to investigate if there is more that is possible in their personal lives, who are open to expansion & willing to discover the magical potential of a life well lived.