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The ultimate blonde playmate

If you are looking for finest example of class and grace then Im your date. Always trying to please and a consummate professional. I love to laugh and make others laugh.

I am very fit and take great pride in my appearance , you will never find me not at my best. Last but not least I have the body and curves that make men think dirty thoughts and I am very aware of what men want:).


I love talking sports… Driving exotic cars… Shopping, shopping and shopping… Im in the gym everyday and love to finish up with spa time… When Im not in the gym you will find me in a pair of my favorite christian louboutins… The higher the better!


1200 for 2 hours

2000 for 4hours

3500 for 8 hours

4000 for 12hours

6000 for 24 hours

13,000 for vegas weekend