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As my name suggests, I am a Siren of the senses, a lure for your more beastly, nature to come out and play…

I relish in pleasure, playfulness, fun, and luxury. I enjoy flirting, with just the right balance between sweetness and sass; yearning for that which one desires, with a sense that it is within reach; and the deep sense of satisfaction that comes from extending beyond ones comfort zone, in pursuit of a sweet carrot ahead.


For me, pleasure is an art form; exquisite attention is my medium.


I invite you to join me for private delights… at your place or mine.

A Tease: 60 minutes…600

A Taste: 90 minutes…900

A Touch: 2 hrs…1200

A Tryst: 3 hrs…1800

overnight… 3500


Bodyrub, 60 minutes…350

Bodyrub, 90 minutes…450