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“The may forget what you said but they never forget how you made them feel”

Laughter, ease, flirtation, effortless conversation, curious and sensual exploration without expectations…

This is the dynamic I crave. You will find me refreshingly down to earth and fully engaged. I posses insatiable curiosity and sultry sensuality. You really can have your cake and eat it too.

What does this ignite in you?

“The most simple things can bring the most happiness.”

I delight in engaging conversation over a cup of tea at a cafe. Whenever I go on walks, I am inspired by the scenic views, and pay close attention to the extraordinary details lurking everywhere. I savor our moments of tender affection, like sharing warm smiles as we hold hands, while you tell me about your day.

“Wisdom begins in wonder.”
- Socrates, paraphrase from Plato’s Theatetus

In private you will find I am adventurous and open to just about anything. At first it may seem that I’m quiet and demure by most standards for this industry, however, once we are better acquainted, you will find a sultry side of me unleashed. Connection and chemistry are like a dance, you take the lead, and I will gracefully follow your every move.

If your curiosity has been has been sparked, and you want to ignite our passions during a private session, please explore my website and contact me.

Doubles Special

With the lovley Audrey Blake.

Indulge in the ultimate doubles fantasy! We have magnetic chemistry and are the epitome of sensuality. We are very open minded, and would love to include you in our adventures! We’re certainly a steal at Las Vegas rates. Two intelligent, beautiful young women for the price of one.

$750 … Double 1 Hour
$1400 … Double 2 Hour

My Rates

$500 … 1 Hour

$600 … 1.5 Hours

$700 … 2 Hours

$900 … 3 Hours

$1,200 … 4 Hours