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I stand tall and yet I’m supremely down to earth - big heart, wise hands, fierce will, large laugh, and insatiable curiosity…my deepest desire is to delve into what truly turns you on…

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Sadie Heart is a tall, all natural, 35 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

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Hello there Lovelies. You’ve just come upon a serious treasure: Seattle’s Hottest Amazon Babe. I stand at six foot two, carry some righteous curves atop some serious legs. Hot and Hirsute, I keep the hair that lays in the nooks and crannies of my body…a rarity these days.

My intention in this work is to create a safe, hot, consensual space where you can bring your Fullest Self. All of it. I’m excited to meet folks who desire play, intamacy & connection, as a means to connect with our Divine-Human-Animal.

Shed that shame, drop the bullshit. Lets be real, and have a damn good time doing it…xxx

A little about me: You can most often find me down on all fours in the garden, riding my bike, atop a mountain peak, or chillin in a hot spring. Been to college and all that, but the school of life has taught me most things I hold dear. I’ve fought forest-fires in California and filleted my share of Salmon in Alaska; trekked the Himilayas in Nepal, rode trains through India and have traveled numerous times through Mexico (habla español). I like to kiss, cuddle, crack a joke…but I also have a serious mischievous streak and really enjoy playing with fierceness. At my foundation I am supremely warm and down to earth.

More about my Practice: One of my most important life-goals (if not The most important) is to live fully in my body. Embodiment. Getting out of our wildly fast brains, and into our cells. Consensual, authentic, and intentional intimacy can be one of the most direct ways to get us to the here and now- plus it’s sooo much fun.

In this way I see myself as an usher, escort, corroborator…a willing and skilled companion with whom to explore being completely present in our gorgeous bodies.

(And yes, I am into ALL bodies - flesh, folds, scars, hair, muscles, wrinkles - You).

I don’t carry a rigid version of what “true” or “good” intimacy looks like, on the contrary: I love delving into the shadows. Let’s engage in a way that feels Authentic… IS there something that has been tickling you in the back of your mind? Some thing you have been wanting to try out even though it’s a bit scary, nasty, silly, sweet, dark, crude?

Or maybe you just need someone to be truly present and give you much needed sweet touch and affection. I revel in luscious deep slick warm full body sensual care.

After practicing for 9 years there are certain activities/persuasions that I particularly enjoy that you may want to know about (I invite you to visit my website for more descriptionsss):

— Spare Parts Play is one of my favorite things to explore. I must admit, I’m a natural.

— Sore muscles Melt around me…I’ve got Big Strong Hands, and love to put them to use.

— Kinks you’d like to work out? Like I said, I’d love to dive into what really turns you on…call it my personal mission.

— Kissin…Mmmm. Love it.

So I ask you, what’s your intention babe? Why are you here? ;)

Until we meet,

Sadie Heart


My main passion is working to live true to my heart. Recently my heart led me to move outside of Seattle into the country…a little closer to the mountains, and my rural roots.

Nature is what sustains and nourishes me. I find myself in the woods often. Hiking, camping, casting a line for salmon…swimming in salty coves or fresh water river holes. I love growing food as well and tend a beautiful garden. Animal husbandry is a new interest of mine…going to get some pigs soon! (yum) You may have guessed but I am a bit of a foodie, fond of cooking and even more fond of eating.

Lucky for me I live close enough to Seattle that I can have the best of both worlds - blissfull country time and vibrant city time. I come into the Seattle to see folks about two days a week - most often I’m around Thursday’s & Fridays.

I do this work because it feeds me. I was called to it. I have something to share, something to give, and also a deep gratitude to learn…because that’s what we’re all doin’ right? Exploring and learning to be our truest selves. Yearning to share our sacred depths with one another. xo


I always screen new clients - for my safety as well as yours. Please visit my website for details on that.

Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday are my usual days in Seattle seeing folks. Some weeks that changes, just write me and ask. The more advance notice, the better.

All Donations for my time are listed on my website.


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