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Transgender (TV/TS)

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“You reach a point where the only thing that can shock you is to come truly alive again. To meet someone who kicks the aliveness into action in you.” Srividya Srinivasan

I can’t stand the boring; you can’t, either. I’m always seeking the special, the truly real, the unique; you are, too.

I have the class, the style, the taste, and the elegance of a socialite, yes, and I have with it the vivaciousness, the spirit, the talent, and the verve of an artist. I’m a bold woman, the kind who will engage and captivate you. I will keep you on your toes with my wit, my lithe-but-curvy dancer’s body, my passionate disposition, and my free-spirited charm. I’m a rocker with a hint of southern belle. I’m the bewitching, undeniably womanly trans trap of your dreams.

I celebrate heady aliveness and the unchained good life. I treat every day like a chance to taste life that is sweet and delicious and always new. I’m after experiences that will inspire me and leave me tingling and hungry for more — I bet you are too.

***Schedule for Seattle this week!***

Monday, Jan 22: outcalls 6pm-12am

Tuesday, Jan 23: incalls and outcalls 12pm-12am

Wednesday, Jan 24: incalls and outcalls 12pm-12am

Thursday, Jan 25: incalls and outcalls 12pm-12am

The Look

Daizy DuBois is a 5'7", slender, all natural, 25 year old caucasian / native american TV/TS with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes.

They are available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


Long dinner dates with good food and wine. Beautiful views. Kink. Photography and modeling. Music. Art. Lingerie. Adventure. Intrigue. Guitars. Leather. Motorcycles. Bodies of Water.


I’m a really sweet and giving person for those who treat me with respect. This handy guide will help you know how to do that.

-Please respect me as a professional. This means, among other things, respecting my time, my intake process, my rate, and my professional boundaries.

-Please look at my website for information like rates and scheduling; booking through my website is very appreciated.

-Please respect my personal boundaries — don’t be pushy or violate consent when we’re together. If you’re clumsy with communication and boundaries but willing to learn, you’ll be in good hands with me.

-Please treat me like the smart, self-possessed, spunky, beautiful young woman I am. It turns me on to be treated this way, just as much as it turns me off to be treated not this way. Never suggest that I am anything but.

-Please don’t be very intoxicated or altered to the degree that could cause you to act any other way than gentlemanly and with good boundaries.

Remember that the point of etiquette, besides basic mutual respect, is that it really helps me to be relaxed, which makes for us having a great time together.

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