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Virtual Dating Details

Literotica: see how i’m pining for you and read every last detail. personally imagined and penned by yours truly
option of handwritten and mailed via usps, or privately emailed
400 | 1000+ words

Romantic Pen Pals: my absolute favorite! unlimited access to my private-life and thoughts, shared bits of wisdom, and never-before-seen photos of me via email. a great way to stay connected between dates or when you simply want to go deeper
450 | 3 days
800 | 1 week

Phone Call: inspiring and uninterrupted thoughtful conversation, and then some
300 | 1/2 hour
450 | 1 hour

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“Out beyond ideas of right and wrong, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” - Rumi

“Dear Olivia, You are a waking dream. In a purely aesthetic sense, yours is an ideal beauty - why art was created. I could gaze at you in wonder forever - that doesn’t account for your agency, intellect, humor (multimodal, the best kind — I appreciate you being witty and goofy), compassion, drive, sensuality, and I’m certain a life’s worth of so much more that I wasn’t privileged to learn in our time together…”

Effortlessly present-minded, I oscillate between offering an enlightening point-of-view on current events, to wholeheartedly sharing things I love about you. Never one to rest on laurels, my vastness is in thanks to my intuitive nature and dedication to personal and professional development.

I’m an inspiring health-oriented, and positive-minded lady with many passions, and I leave people feeling motivated, refreshed and inspired. I’m a perfect companion for easing a business trip, accompanying a romantic dinner, or having refreshments with over tete-a-tete.

While my presence elevates a whole room, I also inherently understand utmost discretion and regard, arriving polished & subtle. I have vital & refreshing features thanks to my strong & unique background, a refined symmetrical frame, long thick natural hair, and feminine lithe mannerisms.

I think the most beautiful thing about me is being unlike anyone you’ve ever met, yet I’m able to remind you of everything you’ve ever loved.

Peruse my Twitter @helloolivialo for more

The Look

Olivia Lo is a 5'4", slender caucasian / asian woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Non Binary.




I love incorporating the mind-body experience into restorative and healthy activities. I also love preparing and going out for well-thought-out cuisine. I have a refined sense toward aesthete and high fashion, balancing curated pieces with my minimalist philosphy. More interests include travel (Wishlist: Myanmar, South Africa, Iceland, Croatia, New Zealand), spas, bicycling, creative writing, interior design, fine art, and getting to know people like you.

  • Please have screening info ready to expedite booking
  • Deposit required for first dates in Seattle, and all touring dates
  • I prefer appointments that include a meal so we can build chemistry and get to know eachother
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