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Auckland is the largest and most populous city in New Zealand with a whopping 31% of the country’s population residing in the city limit. Auckland is considered to be one of the best cities to live in the entire world and the city has undergone a tremendous amount of growth thanks to its’ temperate climate, beautiful weather, and high quality standard of living.

Auckland has a variety of events and things to do. By day you can enjoy the beautiful beaches or go out on the beautiful blue waters of the Pacific Ocean. At night, the city’s bars, clubs, and other nightlife venues fill with younger 20-somethings looking to drink, dance, and party in the city’s modern nightlife scene.

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Nightlife in Auckland

Ponsonby Social Club: The Ponnsonby Social Club is just that – the place to get social with others in Auckland. If you’re not planning on staying late, then you should consider just going to the restaurant portion of the social club, which is the Conch Sunday Grill. The food here is excellent and reasonably priced. There is also a nice wine list to pair with your meal if you so choose.

Once the sun sets, the club overtakes the restaurant. The club is frequently packed, although the club still provides tables if you’re in the mood to be with a small group or someone special. However, if you’ve got the urge to get up and dance, you can do so at the fairly large sized dance floor.

The music played varies from night to night but you’ll normally get a nice blend of top hits, R&B, dance hits, and EDM. The DJs keep the crowd moving and the club full of energy so if you’re looking for a rowdier night out, then the Pasonby Club is definitely somewhere to consider.

1895: 1895 is really a mix of everything in one large location. 1895 is a bar, a restaurant, and a club all blended together. 1895 has a classier feel and there can be some snobby patrons from time to time, but overall the crowd is relaxed and casual. The ambience is definitely trendy and stylish with leather seats, dimly light tables, and a high glass cocktail, wine, and beer menu.

The one great thing about 1895 is that you’ll never really know what you’re going to get that night. One night there could be live Jazz music and the next night could be your typical top 40 hits and EDM. 1895 constantly has something different going on each night, which is truly fresh and unique compared to other places in Auckland.

Overall, 1895 is a breath of fresh air compared to most bars in Auckland and despite the stylish and upscale feel, the drinks and food are not terribly priced. Come for the food and drinks and stay for the relaxed atmosphere.

Soul: Looking for the a truly upscale place to dine and drink in Auckland? Soul, may be the best place for you to go. With premium seafood, a stellar cocktail and wine menu, and a stylish design, Soul is the go to place for locals to go and enjoy some drinks and high quality seafood.

The thing that truly sets Soul apart from other restaurants and bars in Auckland is the customer service. Every aspect of your experience at Soul will be taken into consideration. Want a table outside but there aren’t any available? Chances are your waiter or waitress will come grab you and allow you to move outside if you haven’t eaten dinner yet. Need another cocktail? You’ll wait less than five minutes.

Soul does what ever other restaurant/bar in Auckland can’t do. It excels at everything. This is why Soul has won numerous awards and is largely considered to be the best restaurant in Auckland. If you do decide to go, bring your wallet. It’s pricey but the high quality food, drinks, and customer service is more than worth it.