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+FREYA: Goddess of Love and War. But sometimes I’m a Princess.

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“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ~Mary Oliver

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I was recently described as “peaceful, intelligent and compassionate,” and “much more beautiful in person.” I usually alternate between deep conversation and ridiculously funny banter. And writing this feels awkward as hell. Listen, you’ll like me. Promise.

About Me

I’m expansive, wild, a free spirit. Like, I could never work in corporate. :) Basically I must have wide open spaces and the freedom to do what I love.

I cannot live in conventional boxes. I’ll just never be a prim and proper Presbyterian. I’ve tried. Now, in my late 30s, I’ve finally freed myself, to be myself.

Becoming A Companion

This field offers me the freedom to do what I love—plus impromptu theater and bouquets of flowers! I get to dress up and fulfill others‘ dreams. (Which usually are very much like my own.) Best job ever.

Life is for living! Maybe you feel this yourself. For me, it’s this bright, creative energy that pours through me, and I simply cannot contain it. It’s too powerful—and trying to change myself to accommodate convention just disrupts the flow of joy in my life.

A Micro Autobiography

I was a ballerina growing up, and I still tend to express myself kinesthetically. I loved to perform in costume, to step into grace, to embody a swan.

Despite or due to my family’s fundamentalist religion, I steeped myself in romance. Fascinated by this pull of energy, I was obsessed with it from an early age. I read steamy English novels, wrote in my diary, dreamed of adventures, wore makeup I wasn’t supposed to and generally put on a costume for every possible occasion. I wanted to experience Romance! Like Don Quixote, idealistic and romantic pursuits were my raison d’être.

When I went to school to get my Bachelor’s in Writing, My quest to understand Love began in earnest. Lots of breakups and reading about breakups followed. It turned out to be the highest mountain to climb of all personal quests—Mount Romantic Relationships. But finally, after years of workshops, coursework, deeply committed relationships and self-acceptance, I have developed talents in Massage, BDSM, Kink, Fetish and Tantra.

I‘ve really developed spiritually through this journey. I think I’ve earned an ability to contain joy. I seem to have an infinite ability to experience love and beauty, to exist in the moment, to feel every emotion.

So, combine a counselor’s heart, a dancer’s body, wild sensibilities, and a desire to really live —and you get a really great date night.

So, where do we go from here?

Because of my commitment to honesty and vulnerability, I am selective. I am incredibly accepting by nature, but I must know you have a good heart, as I put my all into this work. Having me as a companion has been called ‘the most incredible experience I’ve ever had,’ on more than one occasion.


First meeting: Conversation at my massage studio $280.

Second Meeting: If you pass muster, we might move on to a companionship agreement.

60 MINUTES - 800

90 MINUTES - 1000

120 MINUTES - 1200

180 MINUTES - 1800


4 HOURS - 2800

OVERNIGHT 12h- 4000

24-HOURS - 5000

The Look

Freya Volva is a 5'8", curvy, all natural, 37 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length blonde hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Like other healer types, I’m open to woo-woo things like energy and mysterious connections, but I also read science journals and the New York Times. I may be super smart, but I’m also bodywise.

I’m an INFJ. A Counselor-Healer. A Seven on the Enneagram. The Enthusiastic Type. I love peonies, orchids, and champagne truffles. Bring me silk kaftans from Camilla on my birthday. I wear Santal Blush by Tom Ford. I like to dance, dress up, smell all the flowers, make messes, pretend, do whatever I want and do that as often as possible. I have a soft but confident presence that others seem to rest in. I am a baby- and a dog- whisperer. I’m also weirdly good with horses.


If you cannot receive texts after a certain time, please let me know.

If you must cancel, give me a day’s notice. Otherwise it’s 25% of the fee.

I am bothered by certain strong colognes. You might skip it or be sparing.

Texting or phone calls. Anything after 10 minutes is charged at 50% of in-person meetings rate.

Dealing with donations feels out of place in our beautiful dream world. Please leave any offerings in an envelope in the bath, where I will go to freshen up. If we are in a restaurant, you can always place it in a gift of some kind. If you put it in leathergoods from Chanel or LouisVuitton I will answer your texts and calls first. ;) (just kidding. I think.)

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