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Amsterdam is the capital city and most populous city in the Netherlands. Known for its’ red-light district and cannabis coffee shops, Amsterdam is a major tourist destination in Europe and it is considered to be one of the best cities in Europe for architecture and history.

Amsterdam is also famous for its vibrant nightlife scene and it is one of Europe’s best party spots. The city is filled with bars, restaurants, clubs, and other nightlife venues for tourists. You can find anything from a massive nightclub with 20-somethings raging, drinking, and partying to a small, quaint wine bar with dimmed lights, and candles. Amsterdam’s nightlife scene is incredible and its’ why so many people recommend Amsterdam as a must visit city.

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Amsterdam may be known for its’ red-light district but the city has several escort agencies available to connect you with an Amsterdam escort if you’re looking for actual companionship.

You and your escort can enjoy your time drinking, dining, and genuinely enjoying each other’s company at one or several of Amsterdam’s fine nightlife establishments. Your escort will try to make your experience as enjoyable as possible and she’ll do her best to make you feel as happy as you can be while you two spend your time together.

If you’re visiting Amsterdam and want some actual companionship, then there’s no reason not to hire an escort. Your escort will have a genuine interest in you and your company, which is why hiring an escort makes a lot of sense.

Nightlife in Amsterdam

Paradiso Amsterdam: Amsterdam is known for having a vibrant live music scene and one of the best locations to watch a live concert is Paradiso Amsterdam. The sizeable venue has incredible sound quality and although Paradiso is fairly large, it still manages to present a level of intimacy to guests.

The only downside to Paradiso is that the line can be incredibly long, especially on club nights. When live music isn’t being performed, Paradiso often attracts some of the hottest DJs in the world, which means you’re going to wait in an hour long line if you don’t get there early.

Once you make it into the club, you’ll probably want to head to the second or third floor if you want to get away from the main crowd. Every spot in the crowd offers a great view so in the end it really doesn’t matter where you go.

Drink prices are moderate so you won’t pay an arm and a leg, but you’ll still manage to rack up a decent bill if you spend the entire night. Still, Paradiso is one of the best places to go in all of Amsterdam and it is a must go if you’re in the city for a few days.

Studio 80: If you don’t care about being in a posh club with vip tables and bottles of champagne, and want a club that truly focuses on playing quality music, then you should head to Studio 80. Studio 80 is one of the best clubs in Amsterdam for the underground music scene and if you’re a big fan of techno/alternative/dance music, then Studio 80 is a must visit.

If you do plan on going to Studio 80, then you’ll want to get tickets in advance since the club does fill up very quickly. It can get overly crowded, which may make it hard to dance, so you’ll have to make due.

Amsterdam has a few clubs that truly focus on playing good music and Studio 80 is one of them. If you don’t really care about anything else than music then you’ll love Studio 80. However, if you’re big into the typical club scene, then you’ll probably want to go a different spot in Amsterdam.

Odeon: Odeon is a nightclub and restaurant that caters to those looking for a more stylish, typical club experience. The restaurant is separate from the club and is much pricier than the club. A dinner for two can set you back over 100 Euros, so be prepared to spend a little extra coin if you plan on getting dinner before the club opens.

The nightclub section is on a different floor of the bar and the music is primarily top hits, EDM, and other dance music. The interior design is mesmerizing with detailed wood work and luxurious couches to lounge on.

The dance floor is long but narrow and there is a bar on each side of the club. Lines can get long so be prepared to wait for drinks unless you buy two at a time. The crowd is a little older than what you’ll find in most Amsterdam clubs, but this actually plays to your benefit since it is mostly middle to upper 20-somethings.

Overall, Odeon is a stylish, popular club that offers a much more typical club experience than many other Amsterdam venues. If you want to listen to quality music, enjoy dancing, and don’t mind the large crowd, then Odeon is a solid choice to end your night.