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Look, it’s not us, it’s you. We tried to work it out, but.... Google just doesn’t get along with you that well and we’re not going to sacrifice such a long friendship with them just to keep you around. We’re going to start seeing other domains.


In all seriousness, when we made the switch to .ch it was largely ideological in nature. We’d heard the concerns from our advertisers about recent goings on in the adult space and wanted to signal our commitment to addressing those concerns. At the time we thought moving to .ch would be a simple way to do that. We had at least one example of another site in our space ranking highly on that domain extension and have long been aware of the popularity of the Swiss-based ProtonMail amongst our advertisers.

Since we made the switch we have discovered that Google appears to treat this domain extension very differently than it would a .com, .net or similar generic domain extension. The example we based our decision on stopped ranking a few weeks after we made the switch, and in the past few weeks, we too have been similarly impacted.

In the interest of delivering a high volume of quality traffic to our advertisers, we've decided to revert to .com where we had very competitive and dominant rankings in all major cities. We will continue to investigate options and adapt as industry events dictate without sacrificing rankings and traffic.

Our servers, corporate entity and employees continue to remain outside of the United States.


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