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In the event you're in need of a great CPA to help with your taxes, we can recommend a specialist experienced with our unique industry needs.

Michael Creamer

We're always happy to pass on referrals of experts who are reputable and who do a great job at serving the needs of our industry community! Below is a bit more info from Mike himself. We hope that you'll find this information helpful.

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From Michael:

I'm often asked "is there a way to pay no taxes?" or "how much can I spend before the IRS notices me?" or "what can I do with all this cash without giving most of it to the government?". These are good questions but they are really the wrong questions. With over 20,000 pages in the tax code, we already know the answers to all those questions. The real question is, "Who can help me organize my life, organize my finances, organize my money, guide my career, and do my taxes so I keep as much of my money as possible while building a future?

I can provide the answers and solutions to all of those questions. I'm a tax and financial professional who specializes in providing safety and security for clients in the entertainment industry. Although each client's specific needs are unique, there are general goals and guidelines that I use to personally assist each client. I am a tax preparer with a specialty in personal service.

I listen to your needs and long term goals and then suggest options for you. We will work together to get you organized. I will teach you what you need to know to stay organized and compliant in a simple and easy way. I make staying organized easier than being messy.

Once you are organized, we look at your tax situation and determine the best path forward based on your needs. I generally counsel clients to form a business so that income and expenses are easily documented and tax returns can be simple and quickly completed. I provide a monthly update so you can adjust your work and life to meet your needs. I use technology extensively so I can access information regardless of my location. Depending on the level of service that you require we can add secure encrypted technology to your program.

I am available to my clients. Once you're on board, you'll have my personal secure cell number so you can contact me by phone, text, or email at anytime. I use technology to keep everything secure and available.

I work with a limited number of clients very closely. Typically we do a monthly review and an annual review prior to tax filings. This allows me to help guide entertainers today and on to the next career path or personal chapter of your life. Planning for the future is especially important in the entertainment industry because few people go into this industry as a long-term career. I am not some nerdy accountant with no understanding of the industry. I am great at what I do, trustworthy, confidential, and easy to work with. It is imperative to have an exit strategy but this is where most accountants or tax attorneys drop the ball. Most of my career has been taking companies and organizations to the next level and on to exit.

In case you are wondering about my professional credentials, here they are: I have a bachelors of Science in Economics and a Masters of Business Administration from an Ivy league school. I'm a best-selling author on adding value and selling companies. I own and run both an accounting firm and a business acceleration firm. So yes, I'm an expert, but most importantly - My purpose is to keep you in compliance with the law while building your future.

Thank you for you time.

Warm Regards, 

Michael Creamer

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