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Transgender (TV/TS)

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There are those who yearn to explore, to try what other haven’t, to seek what others won’t.

A multinational amalgamation of a scientific mind and artistic heart, I am an inquisitive young woman who desires to share her experiences with others. Born in the United States, I was quickly flung abroad into a world as vast and intricate as the mind itself, thus shaping the cosmopolitan woman I am today. From a young age I’ve always been inquisitive, ever searching, ever questioning, seeking to make sense of that which perplexes. Such a disposition bore me fruit with the ability to hold conversation with those of a more advanced age, able to discuss the finer points of their profession though not being a member of it. I have always been drawn to those who can invigorate my curious spirit, age is truly just a number. Returning to the United States to attend a prestigious university in upstate New York, I began my next adventure, a voyage of introspection culminating in the most profound discovery of all, myself. The trials and tribulations inherent in the traversal of the gender spectrum have granted me a unique perspective on the world and society. Throughout all my adventures, from the winding Hong Kong alleys, to the imposing skyscrapers of Manhattan, I’ve always stopped to get lost in some one’s story. So what are you waiting for, why not join me in one more adventure?

The Look

Sofia Tofte is a 5'5", slender, all natural, 25 year old caucasian TV/TS with medium length blonde hair and blue eyes.

They are available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


While my schedule is normally packed with work, I try to use what time I have indulging in my ecclectic interests. Primarily, I spend my time working with technology. I am extremely fond of programming and electronics. Creating video games or dissasembimg TVs are but some of my typical weekend hobbies. However, my love of science and technology does not mean I do not have an artistic side. Currently I am engaged in a very complex sculputre project and can be found in my back yard toiling away from breakfast to supper. Ultimatley I hope to find ways to combine both my technological and artistic abilities.


I only make appoinments via email, please contact me for verification requirements.

I am unavailable during the week and consquently only make appointments for the weekends.

$400 / hour
$700 / 2 hours
$1000 / 3 hours

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