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Why I’m here?

I just finished a long relationship where intimacy was not part of the equation of love. Im looking for what I have been missing. Being treated as woman in a romantic and loving way.

What I’m looking

I wish a man that take cares and protects me. In return I will be loving and I will be there for you with open arms when everything else don’t work I be there. Consistensy will be part of our relationship.

What is important to me

Im very selective because I only bring positive people to into my life. Positivity becomes more important than anything to me. I know well what I bring into a relationship therefore, I want you to become a better person when you are next to me.

What Im doing with my life

I currently finishing a PhD in History which is one of my passions, because if you know the past you can predict the future or a least do not repeat the same mistakes.

My next goal is

I’m preparing to go to Law school. I considered that if laywers know history in deep will help to understand the cases better. I think history always repeat itself.

Our encounter

My idea of perfect time will be, You and I getting to know each another in a confortable hotel room having an interesting conversation about history, culture, art and literature will be the ultimate aphrodisiac, with tons of kisses and hugs in between. If you treat me like a queen I will treat you as my king.

My goal is

My dream is to become a professor of a university, here in NYC and also an lawyer who defends cases of medical malpractice. why? Because life and health are fundamental human rights.

if you have me in your life

Positivity ,loving femenine energy will part of our equation.

If you become my hero and help me to make my dreams come true and I will be loyal to you.

The Look

Priscila is a 5'4", slender, 27 year old latina woman with medium length black hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Global history and economic impact. Traveling, poetry, and working out.


I want you to be polite

respectfu! Please be aware of your lenguage and entonation.

Send me an email and we will take from there.

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