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+Hello Gentlemen, my name is Nikki

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True eyes tell no lies, when the love is pure like a Lotus flower.

When you meet me the first thing you will notice are my brown eyes, I have been told they show my true feelings. For a genteleman of your status I’m sure they will be dazzling with excitement of thoughts of me ravishing you…My close friends describe me as sensually alluring but introverted. I come off as shy but if you look into my eyes you will see my true intention… intentions to peak your interest and please in all ways possible during our time together and beyond that.

I‘m something like the ”woman next door“, but with double D’s matched with a just a big smile to greet you. I stand 5’7 with a slim, toned, maintained figure, radiant brown skin and truthfully captivating eyes. My body mind and aura are unpretentiously for the gentleman that prefers the luxury of having an exclusive, injudicious, unforgettable encounter. I can go on about my appearance, personality or how much we will enjoy each others time but I will leave that up to you to discover…

The Look

Nikki SAKS is a 5'7", slender, 25 year old black woman with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


Something interesting about me that people don’t expect is that I work as a LPN. But before I got into the medical field I was always a natural care taker of people. Nothing brings me joy like giving it to others . Other than my sweetheart ways I also take interest in fitness working out atleast 3 times a week. And I love fashion, which shows with my extensive wadbrobe. Unfortunately due to my civilian job wearing scrubs Monday through Friday I’m not able to wear most of my clothes. But I am a woman that takes pride in pampering and primping myself for myself and my man. Other interests of mine are in modeling , and educating myself on my future entrepreneural endeavors, also reading articles on social theories that I love to discuss. To get more of a glimpse of me FOLLOW me on Twitter @Nicole_Saks


Something about a man taking off his business attire to unravel .I’m already looking forward to our moments together.

Send me an email at with the following booking information. My phone number will be given upon booking. Or catch up with me on Twitter at Nicole_Saks

Please include (2) of screening methods in the first email with TIME and DATE of desired meeting

  • Screening such as a Name and Email of a known companion you seen in the 3-6 months
  • Or an employment verification will be required/ Employment Card
  • A state ID/ Passport

Without screening information I will not be able to meet with you. I’m sorry but it is for both of our safety.

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