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Our story is ours to create

Love gives you wings to soar high. Love gives you insight into things, so that nobody can deceive you, exploit you, oppress you.


I have always been a romantic and a rebel, enjoying all shades of relationships while rejecting traditional paths of romance. To me, attraction and independence go hand in hand, together a force that doesn’t smother, but let’s us lead our own lives. Being driven individuals, some lighthearted fun goes a long way when it comes to investing in ourselves. After all, having a busy life is all the more reason to stop and enjoy some heart fluttering rendezvous along the way.

If you’ve ever thought romance means seriousness or great sacrifice, I invite you to try my version, where romance is simply compassion and our own idea of harmony. Whether that is one whirlwind night, or a lasting affair of affection, I embrace that spark, that rush of vulnerability that comes with connection. My hope is that you do too, and together we may be bold enough to experience it.



A bit about me…

With down to earth roots in the Midwest and summers spent in Tokyo as a kid, I have an easygoing yet astute disposition. I have an undergraduate degree in art, and have always loved learning and creating.

I love a good sense of humor, to not take ourselves so seriously for the moments we are lucky to share with one another. I get along well with those who can appreciate intelligent humor, as well as find amusement in the absurd.

Maybe it’s that I’m a bit introverted, but I’ve been told I have an old soul and a calming presence. Whatever the case, I do my best to be a receptive listener and conversationalist. There is an art to staying in the moment, and I’d like to take you along with me. Whether we’re escaping the day to day or turning heads as a power couple, there’s no denying that together we brighten up our own corner of the world.


The Look

Naomi Yoshida is a 5'4" 27 year old caucasian / asian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


When I’m not working on business or personal goals, you might spot me biking through the city, in a meditative adrenaline rush.

If it’s my mind that needs the exercise, I turn to reading and writing- the romantic in me can’t resist a good work of fiction or poetry.

Dabbling in piano, guitar, and singing, music is pure joy to me, a pastime I’ve enjoyed since childhood.

I also enjoy shopping, live music, and motorcycles. Though I love to enjoy the leisure of life- travel, dining, theater, and the like- I know when it comes down to it, a person’s character is what will determine if we’ll have a great time together.


I appreciate at least 24 hours advance notice for bookings. My preferred inital form of contact is either email or the booking form on my website.

I’m available every day except most Thursdays and Sundays, but have the potential to be flexible if you plan at least a week ahead.

I both care very much about my safety and understand the need for discretion. Therefore screening is required for all new friends, and I do not save your information. To screen, I ask that you send one of the following: copy of photo ID, two references, or employment verification such as Linked In or a business card.

A nonrefundable 20% deposit is required for incall dates.

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