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Inviting the mature, refined, affluent gentleman to an exciting world of intense relaxation and rejuvenation. You will feel as if you have had a mini-vacation within a very short period of time. In this, you will also have residual benefits. This experience can help you if you are having writer’s block, planning goals, generating ideas to grow your business, rejuvenate you as a result of burn out, and help you tap into positive energy to help your relationships. It is a mind-body extravaganza!
I use special techniques to relax you and realign and charge the seven (7) energy centers of the body. That will enable you to immediately feel a shift. One happy person, after a session, yelled how “ALIVE” he felt. He has since indulged frequently. Another said: “first session was absolutely incredible and the last time was one of the best experiences of my life!” Another exclaimed: “I have been massaged by the best, but I have NEVER been massaged like THAT before!” Another said “I felt very safe, relaxed, and loved during the experience!” Still, another said after being a twenty (20) plus year smoker, once he started taking sessions and feeling wonderful, the smoking became antithetical, which prompted him to give up smoking (through patch, and gradually over the course of one year). So, a wonderful shift can occur for you! All one needs is a shift, in the right direction, put one foot in front of the other, and off you go!
Experience this unique and effective treatment for yourself! I am well trained and certified in Swedish massage, and other modalities. I am certified in holistic treatments, including chakra energizing and realignment. The session is a mind/body extravaganza. The massage is an integral component of our objectives. I deliver a thorough therapeutic massage (not parlor quality massage), where we work layer by layer, progressively getting deeper to relieve tension. Can’t go too deep too fast because the muscle will think it is under attack and seize up, thereafter won’t let us in again. Also many people don’t realize it, but when the muscles are tight, blood does not flow freely through the tissues to whisk away toxins and waste products that the cells constantly emit. So massage is a very beneficial treatment. I am present, physically and mentally during your massage, that is, I don’t think about what I had for breakfast yesterday, or my to-do list after the session. My awareness is on you the entire time, and I vigilantly look after your well-being the entire time.
Fantasies are also on the menu: seduction, nurse/patient, boss/worker, cross-dressing, teacher/student, dominance, fetishes and more! We will incorporate dialogue, clothing and fine details to bring your psycho-drama to life. If you are not sure what your fantasy is, I am happy to be your Sherpa guide. To uncover yours, think about what experiences you may have had when you were coming of age (12-13 years), because puberty awareness is new, exciting, so certain experiences can latch on and cement)…ask yourself: where there any experiences that may have seemed innocuous at the time, but now, they bring excitement and pleasure to you, and have imprinted deeply into your sub-conscious.
I am very friendly, empathic, personable and have a positive out-look. All these factors are important because the recipient will feel it through the touch. This will enable us to enter the portal of the magic world mentioned above.
I am very attractive, multi-faceted: athletic—run, swim—musically inclined, play chess, well-traveled, intellectually curious, great sense of humor, and a people-person. I also have a doctorate degree.
Call now to begin our journey! YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Please note: this is not an advertisement for any activity not sanctioned by the law.

The Look

Lauren is a 5'8", athletic, 38 year old ebony woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I am multi-faceted; athletic-run, swim—musically inclined, play chess, well-traveled, intellectually curious, great sense of humor and a people-person. I also have a doctorate degree.

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