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I think of myself as kind of a superhero, or a glamorous spy. In my daily life I’m a college student, studying long hours into the night. My classmates think I’m a big nerd. That’s who I am percieved to be, however, it’s not all I am. I’m also Katja Kline, the fun-loving flirt who’s never afraid to let her hair down and share her joie de vivre with the world.

Physically, I’m damn close to a certain kind of perfect. I think beauty takes many forms, and mine is the blonde stunner who just happens to not be a bimbo. I’m of Eastern European descent, and I’m kind of a cross between a Russian (albeit one who smiles a lot lol) and a New Yorker. More cliches, true and false:

TRUE: I can drink you under the table.
FALSE: I’m heartless. Actually, I’m a great big softie.
TRUE: I’m driven and ambitious.
FALSE: I prefer Vietnamese food to borscht.
TRUE: I travel to warmer climes every chance I get. I hate wearing anything more than a bikini.
FALSE: I like the winter. Actually, I hate it!

Beauty takes many forms, and it’s my mission to experience all of them. I have been compared to a tigress and I’ll take that compliment. I don’t go in for half-measures.

Sometimes I’ll catch the eye of a fellow student, and they’ll make a joke about Katja the bookworm. I’ll huddle into my hoodie, turn another page in my history book, and smile to myself.

My name is Katja. And you’ve never met anybody like me.

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Katja Kline is a 5'6", slender, 23 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.




Cryptocurrency trading


New cuisines

Aged scotches


Various cultures


Politeness and good hygiene go a long way, bonus points if you can make me laugh and keep up with my sharp wit :)

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