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+1/3 geisha, 1/3 Liz Lemon, and 1/3 Sasha Fierce.

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If I have one superpower, it’s the ability to bring a sense of youthful joy and mischief out of anyone. :)

What’s yours?

Connoissuer of the human connection.

Exotic, refined, highly-educated artist and model based in NYC.

Appreciator of literature, history, nature, creative expression, passion, and silliness.

Total science nerd.

Health nut, pilates enthusiast.

Ex-ballerina who still dances everywhere she goes.

At 5’6, I am a delicious and elegant bi-racial mix with long, straight hair and smooth, sun-kissed skin. My toned dancer’s legs glide gracefully when sauntering across a room or salsa dancing in a new pair of strappy heels.

I am eternally enchanted by exploring New York’s sweetest unknown coves, but I also love to slip away from time to time for refreshing weekend escapades.

Although I’ve traveled widely, I can’t help but wear my midwestern wholesomeness on my sleeve. Full of laughter and curiousity, I’ve often been told my “joie de vivre” is intoxicating.

There will never be a dull moment between us — I enjoy getting to know every inch of your mind, soul, and making certain you reach total unencumbered happiness. Good jokes and good wine are always welcomed! :)

Exploring the globe makes my heart sing. After having studied abroad in Barcelona, I am often daydreaming about being back there in a fabulous european sun hat, relaxing on the Meditarranean sea, with a glass of chilled riesling in one hand and a Tolstoy novel in the other. (Preferably by boat. ;p)

I like my music old-school and my fashion new-school (think Rolling Stones or Miles Davis records paired with sleek, sassy dresses and elegant heels.)

I adore dressing to impress and express. There’s nothing more inviting than a great excuse to get all dolled up!

Whether we’re attending an exclusive black-tie gala, a retro Soho speakeasy, perusing the Louvre, or enjoying a cozy evening at home, we will make truly beautiful memories together.

My life is continuously being enriched by my many deep passions, including art, in which I am classically trained and am actively engaged in professionally.

I adore spending time with someone who enjoys being showered with affection and happiness. Someone who also enjoys watering my little petals and watching me blossom.

I want to be a beam of light in your life.

Fun is the goal.

Connection is key.

Empathy is everything.

The Look

Harlow Brennan is a 5'6", slender, 23 year old ebony / middle eastern woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.

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