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There are things you can’t get anywhere… but we dream they can be found in other people.

I don’t judge. I listen. I like learning people’s stories and figuring out what makes them tick… and tock. I’m hard to offend – like in an irreverent way. There’s a good chance you’ll blush before I do. I’m from out West and moved here with just a suitcase. One of those. I don’t believe in astrology. I believe in fresh cut fruit drizzled in chocolate or doused with whipped cream. And I think the best connections don’t need to be fortuitous in a rom-com way. I think they can be formed in just this way, between two strangers who both know what they’re looking for. Or who aren’t afraid to find out. If that’s why you’re here, then we have a good start.



The Look

Claire Kennedy is a 5'6", slender, all natural, 26 year old asian woman with long black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


My simple pleasures (in no particular order) include: fresh flowers, color coded bookshelves, impromptu adventures, salty foods, laid-back personalities, people who don’t realize they are funny, lingerie, 70s punk, unique characters, and the nexus between curiosity and connection.


One hour $800

Two hours $1400

Three hours $1800

Four hours $2200

Six hours $2500

Overnight / $3500

In-date extension $800 / hour

For longer dates, travel, and bespoke arrangements, please inquire

Please see my website and Twitter for more photos and details!

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