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You board a crowded train after work.

By some miracle, you score a seat directly inside the heavy sliding doors. A young woman sits across from you—reading, quietly radiant. Her hair is the color of cinnamon. She glances up; a current of energy passes between you. There’s something in her eyes: smoldering, fearless. You lower your gaze—but you look back again. Her mouth is heart-shaped. She rises at the next stop, brushing gently past, and walks off into the obliterating sunshine. She smells of sweet orange and vetiver.

Now you’re acquainted. You learn that she wakes before sunrise, that she’s undone by the scent of warm hair in summer. She is a swimmer. She still writes letters by hand. You come to know her fathomless chocolate-brown eyes—laughing, daring, reading your entire being with unprecedented tenderness.

There’s no formula for connection; it’s something we have the privilege of co-creating. How expansive might we become when we meet without pretense?

The Look

Carson Carpenter is a 5'5", athletic, 28 year old woman with medium length auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, and Non Binary.


Soul music. Long walks on crisp evenings. Massage trades.

Cooking together. Poetry. Hole-in-the-wall restaurants.

Cinema. Drawing. Weekends upstate.

Tarkovsky, Altman, Cassavetes.

Artaud, Nietzsche, Barthes.



***I’m offering email packages, custom photosets, and other bespoke virtual services while social distancing is in place. Email me for more details!*** All information below this applies to in-person meetings, which will resume as soon as it’s safe.


To move through the screening process with ease, please email me a brief introduction with your full name and two recent industry references + their email addresses and websites. Include the names and contact information by which your references know you, as well as the approximate dates you last saw one another. I respond most enthusiastically to thoughtful dispatches. Where did you find me? What draws you to me?


Our reciprocal safety and privacy are my highest priorities. I request your personal information for screening purposes only; our time together is confidential.


Please be freshly showered. Your donation should be prepared in an unsealed white envelope before our time together begins. If we’re in private, please leave it in plain sight. If we’re in public, present it discreetly in a book, unlined notebook, or analogous item. Donations are as follows:

1 hour: $700

90 minutes: $900

2 hours: $1,200

3 hours: $1,600

4 hours: $2,000

6 hours: $2,800

14 hours (overnight): $4,000

24 hours: $5,000

48 hours: $7,500


I tarry happily with people of all colors, ethnicities, genders, gender expressions, body types, and abilities. I mean it! If you are 21 or older, don’t hesitate to get in touch for any reason.

Though this sort of verbiage doesn’t get at the richness of human experience, it’s worth noting that I am profoundly omnisexual. I feel special affinity for women and those on the queer and trans spectra. Because this is a matter close to my heart, I see women and gender nonconforming clients, as well as other providers, at 75% of my standard rates.

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