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+Highly Acclaimed ~ Seductive ~ Red-Headed Muse ~ SHE WILL ROCK YOUR WORLD!

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Highly rated and reviewed as Miami’s #5 provider. Captivating Cory will Rock Your World! “Let the Enchantment Begin!”

The Look

CaptivatingCory is a 5'4", slender, mature caucasian woman with long auburn hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

There are no coincidences… you finding me is no accident ! You are right where you are supposed to be… at this very particular moment in time. I will help you discover a new reality!

Are you longing for… craving… an intimate, exquisite companion, a discreet and passionate friend? One who leaves you breathless and intoxicated? Who’s generous touch will resonate in the depths of your soul, who’s kisses are all consuming, who’s capacity to love, so tantalizing and rare? The art of intimacy runs deep within my essence. Prepare to be captivated! Together we will expand your limits and discover profound moments in time. Rest assured, your memories will be lasting and our connection together, extraordinary and magical!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Cory. I am an exquisite, petite, mature woman in my 50s. My flaming long red hair stands out in a crowd, my provocative scent, intoxicating, my skin, softly distracting, needing to be caressed…my figure quite appealing.

My body language is teasing and tantalizing, elegant and stylish is the way I dress. The way I move can be oh so mesmerizing, music to your ears as I giggle with delight. Intellect and wit, charming and sincere , such a potent combination of femininity that you have found right here. It is the passionate way I live my life that will gloriously consume your heart. I call it a higher state of sexy! This heady combination will leave you breathless and greedy, always wanting for more.

I understand the rigors of your work and family life and the sacrifices you have made in order to achieve your level of success. You will feel safe with me, I want to take you away. Let’s awaken those desires that have been dormant and lost of late, lets live large and throw caution to the wind! Let the Enchantment Begin!


I have never felt more confident and alluring ~ vibrant and desirable ~ seductive and sensual. There are certain qualities which only a mature woman can embrace. They are aquired from the experience of time and age only.


An intelligent, articulate, and perfected woman, Captivating Cory is not an unapproachable princess. I am the woman with whom you feel comfortable … someone you can easily talk to. You are proud to have me by your side. It feels so genuine and uncomplicated that others would think we have been special friends forever.

I have a gift, perhaps it is because I am passionate about what I do. My gift creates a sense of comfort and intimacy that can sometimes be profound. A wonderful connection. You will feel desired and adored. I know that you will be quite mesmerized and your memories will be lasting.

I enjoy pampering my man. I hope you will share your dreams with me as I am eager to create an unforgettable adventure. Do you sense that you could be captivated as you anticipate our time together? Might ours be alluring, wild and hot, or will it be exquisite, profound and surreal? It will be extraordinary, for sure! I am going to “Rock Your World”! So… Let the Enchantment Begin!”


It is with great care and thought that I plan for our time together. I strive for excellence and quality during our encounter and limit the number of engagements that I accept. I realize that certain situations may arise, but I do take great exception to cancellations. I would prefer not to have a harsh, written cancellation policy, so keep in mind how very disappointing it is for me. As a courtesy, please give me a minimum of 48 hours notice if you have a situation arise that requires rescheduling our time together.

Engagements outside of Broward County may incur minimal travel fees.

Advanced reservations are highly recommended. Donations are for my time and companionship only.

At the start of our date, be kind enough to discreetly leave your donation in an unsealed envelope or gift bag. No reference to this is desired or needed. Simply choose an appropriate location, upon arrival and I will quietly handle it from there… when the time is right. Thank you in advance for using proper etiquette and for your generous appreciation of our time together.

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