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Captivating Cory

+Passionate Healer & Confidante ~ Facilitator of Profound Awakenings

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“Fly Me To You!” and “Let The Enchantment Begin!” Experience an exquisite connection with this captivating and intriguing Red Head Vixen!
Bright and competent, Captivating Cory will Rock Your World!

“Fly Me To You”, Overnight and International Engagements are now being accepted!

Captivating Cory, a celebrated and accomplished Red-Headed Vixen is back in town and ready to “Rock Your World.” A highly acclaimed and well regarded mature personality… this beauty delivers an exhilarating, intoxicating and extraordinary engagement every time!

Her 10/10’s shout out in praise for this mature star’s ingenuity and execution.

Cory has a gift. Perhaps it is because she is passionate about everything she does. This intriguing and exotic beauty embodies an enticing magnetism along with irrisistible femininity that most find utterly breathtaking and insightful. A provocative, vivacious and alluring force of vibrant goddess energy, Cory’s aspirations have always been to provide an exceptional presentation… one that exceeds the hopes and expectations of those she chooses to engage.

An intelligent, articulate, and perfected international celebrity, Captivating Cory is not an unapproachable princess. She is the woman with whom you feel comfortable … someone you can easily talk to. You are proud to have her by your side. It feels so genuine and uncomplicated that others would think you have been special friends forever.

“Cory is an irresistible temptress, an enticing siren, a diverse and acclaimed educator. She has an understanding and passion for teaching the art of companionship and for facilitating experiences that allow her patrons to achieve a higher state of consciousness within their personal and private lives. Her expertise is the kind that takes your breath away.”

The Look

Captivating Cory is a 5'4", slender, mature caucasian woman with long red hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


There are no coinidences. You finding me is not by chance. You are right where you are supposed to be. Allow me to be your guide. Together we will take this long awaited journey and discover the mysteries of why we were brought together at this very particular moment in time. Hold on now, your dreams are about to become a reality.

You have been longing for a personal exquisite confidante, a discerning and enthusiastic friend? One who leaves you inspired and intoxicated? Who’s kind wisdom will resonate in the depths of your soul, who’s zest for the good life is all consuming, who’s devotion to your wishes, so fascinating and rare? The art of companionship runs deep within my essence. Prepare to be captivated! Together we will expand our horizons, making a connection that is quite indescribable… Rest assured, your memories will be lasting , our time together, extraordinary. This is a once in a life time encounter, one that is seldomly ever experienced. It is my honor and delight to be your fasilitator, the helper of making your dreams come true.

I am eager to experience all that I can with you, participating with fierce abandon. I have never felt more confident and alluring nor vibrant and vivacious. There are certain qualities which only a mature woman can embrace. They are aquired from the experience of time and age only.

I call it “A Higher State Of Consciousness!”

Please preview my web-site as it will reveal so much more.

And now… “Let The Enchantment Begin!”


It is with great care and thought that I plan for our time together. I strive for excellence and quality during our encounter and limit the number of engagements that I accept.

Thank you in advance for using proper etiquette and for your appreciation of our time together.

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