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It’s dangerous to tell you this upfront, but I have the temperament of a cat: coy and confident, slinky and elegant, desperate to be stroked but too dignified to ask for it—except on the occasions when I’m wild-eyed and wound up, needy and goofy, plopping myself into your lap while you’re trying to work so I can stare at you plaintively until you give in and cuddle me.

I love anticipation and collaboration, the two elements that make flirting so fun, and I love—*love*—a long build up, one that allows me to show you several aspects of my personality while you share some of yours with me.

True companionship—sincere, focused, and immersive—is my forte, and building a friendship over multiple meetings is my primary interest. I have an impressive history of kink experimentation, and nothing makes me as giddy as participating in an unusual and highly specific fetish. But since affection and candor are my ultimate pleasures, I certainly don’t expect or require an elaborate conceit to help us enjoy our time together. Good humor and kindness are the only indispensable ingredients.

I’m tall and leggy, slender but curvy, with very soft, touchable skin and hair. In most situations, my style is tasteful, understated and elegant, or else casual and classic. I am always noticed, never gawked at.

The Look

Avery Moore is a 5'9", slender, 33 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length brunette hair and hazel eyes.

She is available for Male, Couples, and Disability.



  • politics
  • fearless conversation and witty banter
  • music—yes, all genres. Even polka.
  • stage shows (modern dance, ballet, musicals, plays, and my shameful favorite: magic acts)
  • decadent sensations like massages, long baths, and luxurious fabrics
  • star-gazing
  • plants
  • meditation
  • movement and exercise, as long as it’s not running!
  • film. I’m not a true cinéaste, but I’m practically a scholar when it comes to David Lynch and Christopher Guest.
  • marketing and advertising, especially when it’s bad

The shortest engagement I offer is $4500 for up to four hours. Of course if you have to leave after two, I won’t forcibly detain you, but I would be thrilled to have the opportunity for us to get to know one another properly. Friendships are healthiest when nourished with lots of care and attention. I hate feeling rushed in any circumstance, but even more so when it comes to forging a connection this special. My ideal first date is one that lasts several days, but I know not everyone is so bold (or optimistic!) about introductions.

If my online presence resonates with you and you have a strong sense that we would hit it off, your instinct is probably right. My writing is just like I am: sincere but a little facetious, sweet but a little sly, smart (I hope) but not pretentious. And when two people are truly compatible, hours fly by like minutes.

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