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Now is the time to explore new heights of Bliss never before acquainted. I assure you darling…!

The Look

Amahata Tantrika is a woman.

Amahata Golden Fire is a certified sexual healer, a shaman, and a Master Teacher for two decades. She frequence the media: various magazines; documentary films, such as Magdalene Unveiled and Tantric massage: Femme a Femme and more. Born and raised in Scandinavia, which is one of the most sexually liberated places in the world; Tantra and Tao was a most natural path for her.

Hello beautiful!

Why settle for less anymore? When is the time you deserve something utterly beautiful, deeply transforming and bravely loving!? Let me guide you. I assure you, you will find yourself with a new light and depth. You will experience something eloquently beautiful that you probably have never witnessed, inside YOU and that we co-create.

Step, no dive into my heart! Your soul will be revealed inside your ecstatic Body Temple. Uncover the fullness of your Light and full on Bliss.

Besides that, if it even matters; yesss, I am also a world traveler, cultured, refined, yet down to earth. I love lots of yoga, surfing, mountain biking and dancing, yummy green sparkly juices. My body is toned, but yet womanly soft. Oh, and I am bi-sexual!

Learn and explore with me:

* neuroscience of sexuality * expand your bliss exponentially * become THE Master Lover * heal traumas * awaken the healing Kundalini energy * fall/fly in love w/yourself * resolve issues and in your partnership * Taoist sexuality


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